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crazymax 04-13-2013 04:07 PM

It would be great for tournaments in PVP to be implemented. Every man build an army up to lets say 500 and gets queued for a tournament. When someone wins gets some gold and crowns and have a timer of 20 minutes till next match and goes further in the tournament.
When going further in the tournament a prize get bigger and bigger depending on how deep he goes till the final. A winner of the tournament gets prize and glory. Tournaments could be played every 2 weeks or so depending on the staff and how big they could be. Am not talking about sieges here but just PVP, an army vs army.
Its just an idea, but why not?

Beefcakes 04-18-2013 07:08 PM

I would like to see more of an arena building that mods, or timer per month, would spawn on the world map (like how winter happens) and would have conditions and time periods for the battles. Anyone could go visit it to see the conditions in which the next tournament will have. So one day it go be armies of 60 peasants, the next is armies of 500 strength. Rewards for it could be crowns, gold, titles, or even some special goofy cosmetic town/army items.

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