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SadClown 04-09-2013 02:24 PM

Attack while moving
I've been pvping quite a lot lately, and I've felt, between all the things, one, that totally lacks here. The ability of units to hit running opponents.

On the one hand, as example, swordmen chasing knights from no distance; you can't hit the opponent and he'll regen its health over time to eventually fight you back and repeat if he's loosing. Applies to the popular "hero fights".

Same thing with archers, crossbowmen and even dragons.

I know what you're gonna say: LIGHT HORSEMEN YOU GENIUS. Not quite, read as it follows.

On the other hand, projectile cavalry. I don't know because I haven't really played elfs, but I've fought them and I saw the projectile horsemen as something quite useless and easily "killable". Making units able to shoot/attack while moving/chasing will make battles more realistic and dinamical.

It would indeed be a great step towards a better pvp experience, nevertheless I don't know if the code of the game would tolerate such change or even if it's what people want. So, discuss.

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