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drhigh 04-07-2013 09:43 AM

Few Sugestion !!
Modified at 14-APR-2013


Caracters :
1. At least Hero and Elites, Dragons must have an option to reset "talents".
2. Troops must have an option to select individual from a group, not all group at once only.
3. Hero must have an option to buy new armor just for look.
4. More zoom in for army, is nice to see army very close, when want it.
5. Mounted Knights and Cavalry are too weak in the battle, is useless to pay for them and die in a few seconds.

6. New PvP challenge is too close form a last one, I saw that was modified form 30 min to 60, but still too close, if you want to do some quests in the mean time. Or at least stop counter when you are in a quest or siege.
7. A bigger map where you can see others players cities, for the same zone you are, and option to select the city to do PvP with.
8. Alliance, Guilds, Guild Halls, will make this game more durable and interesting.
9. PvP, more option when someone challenge you. Because the computer select from you a random army you created, and if you have an army created just for trading, the game will challange you with that army of peasants, and it's surely a lost battle. Option to select a mine army to be selected when you are chllange in a PvP.

10. Repeatable quest must be taken in the same time with the finished one, not get out from the city and enter again to take again the quest, it's a little bit annoying.

11. Add a training ground building in the city home will be good as well.
12. More siege weapon like ballista, will be good too, in the same time, a more accurate trebuchet, because now it's ****, the hitting is too far away from the selected target, or at least some upgrade for more accuracy.
13. Option to buy a horse for your hero will be nice. Or skill to ride a dragon, or some mounting bird/pet/horse.. etc. Speed for mounted hero can be the maximum speed in game, and horse to have a price in crowns like red dragons or like that. Choose Horses like dragons, black, white.. bla bla.
14. Option to create a smaller base on other location on the whole map. At least a limited bases, like troops. 5 Base camps maxim, or buy slot for more base camp. Not necessary a big city but at least a small base where you can create army.

15. If you create an army with carts, the PvP request must not targeting that. Or besides the 5 armies from start to have a trading slot army just for move the trading carts through cities without being attacked in PvP. And that army must be limited to carts and resources and livestock only.. cannot carry army on it ....
16. Option for trading armies, livestock, and all resources disponible between your guild members(friends members) at least.
17. Cities that was successfully sieged by you to sell and buy resources at the best price possible, as well the training grounds to reduce cost significaly.
18. Your customized flag(option to be uploaded by you, transparent or not, png, bmp, jpg gif) shown on your profile, as well on PvP request, and on you your city town. Tabard with your icon, for your Heroes, Elites, armies. This probably will be welcomed with guild creation as well.
19. Dragons to fly endlessly, stay in the air, but if they stay to much the speed of flying to be reduced, but still can fly. Dragons, land on towers. Options to attack in the air, but cost more mana, or lower armor when do it. Dragons carry a small army over the walls at very low speed, time to be attacked by enemy, armies carried by dragons die with dragons as well if killed.

20. Option to see info of players by right-click on names. Search by location, or select to show players by location. Options to skip loading animation when enter/exit towns.
21. Bug report option directly in game, not spamming the forum.
22. Utiles to link the game with your webpage, like your profile, city profile.....something like wow have... as well customizable UI.

23. Auction house, Trade market between players.
24. Guuest invite for player to see your city. Improve your cities looks, like flowers, leafs on the wall, artifice.... events.
25. Cities can be attacked from time to time by AI aswell. Peasants, or army desert from you if you are overpopulated and create a revolt.
26. AI cities can be captured by you and remain your city with all resources produced until another player will siege it and got it for himself or the counter will runs out. If you're online in the time of siege, you can protect it by fighting with the player who attacks it.
Allied AI city call for help if are attacked by another player or AI. If you not respond by helping them you loose your alliation with that city even if the player/AI who attacked the city didn't manage to capture it. After that you need to capture it only by fighting/siege it not with money. Captured city cannot be recaptured for a period of time, like 2-3 hours or something, gives you time to get some resources from that town if is yours in that moment. Neutral time for the AI cities when cannot be sieged by players.
27. Finished, quests(repeatable or not) to be rewarded instantly after finishing, not come back in town for clime the reward, eventually for story quest remain unchanged, because you need to heard the story. As well any battle must be more hard to finish it. I can finish almost any battle just with hero, elites, dragons. Every siege or quest must have a boss, elite with who you must fight before you're victorious. He will be protected all the time in the center of the city by a healer(or be immortal) until you'll attack him directly, after you broke the gates of the city. Reward must be grater after finishing. Another option can be by making the quests dynamically on the map, random location without take it from quest giver. A more random location like dragons land, cave of orcs and any other location on the map, not the same and not with the same strategy.
28. Elite Ranger, like the High Knights, Infiltrator and so on, with advanced option of killing like one shoot to kill a target. excluding other hero, elite or dragons. One shoot consuming half or full manna.
29. Option on the start of the game to choose your hero. For example choose High Knight your Hero or Infiltrator and so on. everyone have a special ability like in present but with more customized option to counterattack the other heroes advantage. For example ranger hero penetrating armor of hero knights, Infiltrator assassination option to reduce significantly life of other heroes, but very low amour and very weak when out of stealth. Every special main ability of heroes consume all mana or half of mana. Warriors have very powerfull strike who will significantly reduce life of a striked enemy. the same with every heores you choose from the start.
30. Gold earned from quest or any other method, to be automatically added to the town hall to at army. Gold limit in the town must be rise significantly.

Please excuse me if I repeat the suggestions that was already posted.. but I wanted to be added here because are my suggestions as well.... I'll add more in time, please vote the thread if you agree with some of my suggestions.

Altariel 04-09-2013 09:20 AM

In what concerns #6, the situation has been recently discussed on another thread. Pardon me if I quote myself (reacting to a Cynwulf post) :


Originally Posted by Cynwulf (Post 77545)

The problem is that [the] 60 minutes [protection from being attacked again] runs down while your fighting against an attacker

after trying the pvp this evening 45 minutes ran off the clock as the attacker of my castle avoided it just burnt down some farmsteads and peasant hovels outside my walls.


Originally Posted by Altariel (Post 77647)
The protection runs down while you are already being attacked ?!! That makes no fair sense, especially since it exposes a damaged target to become the abused victim of a series of attacks by a gang of buddies.

As a PvP-ignorant new player, perhaps I am too paranoid, but anyway, I propose that the 60-minute protection counter restarts after a battle has ended.

I thus agree with the original poster's point #6 with the caveat that including quests in the counter's pause could be problematical.

By the way, agree or not with the OP's 14 suggestions, it is obvious that a lot of thoughtful, detailed work has been invested in conceiving and composing that series of proposals.

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