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CarlR 04-07-2013 01:59 AM

"Outpost" walls keep Deleting
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I've spent literally the entire day trying ti finish the 1st wood wall construction so i can upgrade to the better ones but every time i've been attacked, logout or crash, all progress is deleted... thing is, it deletes to the same every time, as if it's bugged or unable to save any improvements in those areas...

I'm playing Orcs in Forest with Gather/Looting traits.
Screen 1 is the SW Outpost which is most affected, this has been completed over 7 times!! and every time it reverts back to this... As you can see in the 2nd closer images the goblins are still standing on an invisible Tower until it starts getting rebuilt then they drop back down... they all do this on the others.

Screen 2 is the SE outpost and at first it would have rmeoved close to what it does for the SW one but now it's only removing the tower and abit of the adjacent walls.

The other 2 outposts only keep losing 1 tower now, but the East one used to lose more also but now it's justt hat 1 tower, the NW one is still losing a tower and most of the time wasnt affected. the main castle walls however dont seem to be bugged in this fashion, i think i recall it originally happening once or twice to a small degree when they were first building but havnt otherwise... i stayed on for 4 hours straight, forfeiting attack after attack Just so i could finally rebuild Everything all over again to finally be able to upgrade the walls! after having spent all day rebuilding and rebuilding :mad: .

I am not looking forward to trying to complete the longer to build stronger wood walls if it does this too...i'll never upgrade from that (if there even is one).

Headhunter 04-07-2013 05:19 AM

There is another thread about this same problem, they stated that they had possibly fixed the issue in the last patch but unfortunately it didn't work. I found some regularties in this bug, for example the palisades only disappear if you visited another region or city, otherwise they keep building. I also waited a few hours for everything to complete so i could start my wooden walls. But after I visited another city again the wooden walls stopped building and they continued to rebuild the palisades. Very annoying bug indeed!

CarlR 04-07-2013 06:14 PM

yep, it happens if you log out or visit another city or enter a battle... when you come back these pieces are consistently missing

Alester80 04-09-2013 07:52 PM

THis is happening to me as well its really annoying, and i have nothing else to do, with my city untill this is fixed >.<

Joseph Visscher 04-09-2013 09:28 PM

I am working with the lead programmer right now to address this issue in the next patch.

Headhunter 04-10-2013 08:10 AM

I found a temporary but very time consuming workaround. First make sure you have enough resources to build the large wooden wall. then just wait inside your town (or you can manage some armies) for your palisades to finish. When the palisades are finished the button for large wooden walls is probably greyed out. If so, you should click repair walls or go to worldmap and come back (worked for me). Then you have to wait until all of the wooden walls are finished. If you log out or do battle or something you first have to wait for your palisades to finish again before you can continue on the wooden wall. This worked for me i can't guarantee it works for the rest of the peeps around here.

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