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merkeba 04-05-2013 12:37 AM

another DoF.exe
I am now getting this error every day. This is a topic that has been asked about by multiple people. I have read every thread and done every suggestion and still end up getting the DoF.exe has stopped working whenever I enter the first loading screen of the game.

I have to completely uninstall the game and wipe out all folders and data and then reinstall it to get it to work again. The problem is I am now having to do this every day. I was about to buy some crowns, glad I didn't because I am already about to throw this game out after only 3 days. Gameplay is fun for sure but who wants to install a game every day just to play for a bit?

As I said I have tried all of your suggestions to fix it and no luck. I also noted in a few places where you said "we are working on it and will have a fix by the next patch for sure". That was a couple of weeks ago. Then I noticed you said on April 1st " We will be working on this tomorrow and will have a fix".

So my question is, are you going to get this figured out or not? I am only wondering because I can be doing something else rather then wasting my time and money here.

Thanks :(

Brian Shingles 04-05-2013 06:59 AM

We're sorry you're having a bad experience, having to install the game multiple times.

The DoF.exe stopped working error can occur for various reasons and we have fixed several of those in the past, but different ones may be occurring now.

We will get this figured out, but posting the details of the error and/or a log would help us do this as we cannot always replicate these errors.

You can find information on posting logs here

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