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Bodycount 04-02-2013 07:34 PM

Out of Sync PVP
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In continuation with the errors I am experienceing. My human hero still hasnt been reset as I was told would happen, I realize that steam is a big change for the developers and the huge influx has given you insane amounts of help calls. But some of us were here prior to the event, and are still having issues that need to be cleared up. I literally CANNOT play human because my hero doesnt exsist to do the quests. I was told it would be looked into...that was 3 days ago. I dont need a major change simply a reset of my hero and a crown reimbursment for the dragon I can no longer use.

New issue: While pvping lately I have 2 things happen quite literally every time i fight.
1: The client will completly freeze on the loading screen and not allow me access to the game. At which point i have to shut down the game completly and restart it due to system halting.
2: The client willl load the map and either let me begin play vs the player then halt with "You are not in sync with player" Or go strait to "You are not in sync with player" and kick me back to the world map.

Some things I have noticed: The race isnt relivant as it happens on men, orcs and elves on my side. The race i fight isnt relivant as it happens vs men and elves, i have yet to fight orcs. The only successful fight i had was a caravan i had out that was attacked by a platoon of mounted knights. (meaning the only working fight i had was thus, aginst humans and the entire troop was one type of soldier). attached is the log1.txt

PS, on steam release i did contact 3 GMS (including konstantin) about having my prior issue sorted. But the response was that with the steam release they were bogged down. Im sorry to hear that but again I emphasize that my report was filed PRIOR to the steam release. The issue wouldnt be a big deal except that it makes a town that i invested 20 USD into unplayable.

Bodycount 04-02-2013 07:36 PM

Forgot to mention
Town: Vein
Race: Human
Hero level:45
Green Dragon level 25

(these are the stuck and uncontrollable characters)

The out of sync happens thoughtout all my towns and races.

Konstantin Fomenko 04-02-2013 08:25 PM

Hi Bodycount,

Thank you for an extremely detailed bug report. We hope to have a solution for this issue in tonight`s patch. While you might still get out of sync from time to time, this will fix connections issues for good.

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