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vicious666 03-09-2013 09:54 PM

More uses for wealth for personalize style of game and units:
1) Units/heroes skill reset = cost 2 crowns
2) Reduce cost of resource buyd with crowns since is too high and i think nobody use it, should be something like 1 crown = 500 not 1:100
3) new upgrade for units, a sort of specialization cost for each upgrade 3 crowns (each unit can have max 3 specialization )


Iron skin = +5% slash or pierce or crush resistance ( anyway cant go upper than 85%)
Toughness = +250 hp flat bonus
Eagle eye = +100shoot range/sight range +50 ammonition
Quickness = +60 stamina + 20 speed min/max
Regeneration = + 10/hp sec regeneration
Arrow formation = A new formation shaped like an arrow /\ that give an extra dmg to melee unit and more range for ranged units, at cost of mobility, (like +40/dmg range +10% all res - 50%mobility)
Destroyer = +60 dmg flat bonus

Ability to rename units and heroes at cost of crowns : for personalize dragons etc etc

Army colors : player can chose to use for his nation different colors, not only blue-red, but black, violet, orange etc etc

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