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Sunleader 01-30-2013 10:16 AM

Battle Arena
Well the Name is Programm

How about adding an Arena to the Game ? :)

There are 3 Arenas

Beginners Arena
Hero Arena
Champions Arena

The Three Arenas will be placed in Rolling Plains Central Area close to Darrssen and Denwall
Basicly they will be working like an Quest Location

The Beginners Arena will allow you to field 1-3 Units of lvl 5 or lower of which one must be your Hero

The Hero Arena will allow you to field 1 Unit which must be your Hero

The Champions Arena will allow you to field up to 5 Units of any lvl and of course one must be your Hero

System is very easy
Once added to the Arena Queque you will be in list for a Battle
As soon as an Opponent also is added into the same Arena you will Fight him.
There will be no Restrictions and or Power Matchups so its possible that you fight an Enemy of much higher lvl.

Units killed in the Arena wont Die however if they got Killed they will be reduced to Red Health in your Army so you will need to heal em up before Fighting again.

Units gain Experience at an higher Pace than in normal Battles

The Winner receives no Loot of the Bodys but an Pricemoney in height of the Str the Enemy he Beat had.

Well basicly this is an way to Offer small scale PvP as well as Teaching PvP to newcomers
it will also create an gathering Place for PvP seeking people

As a sideeffect it will be a good way to Train up Heros and other Units and test out strategys and abilitys :)

Think this might be worth some Work to implement guys


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