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Konstantin Fomenko 01-24-2013 08:14 PM

Homeland Expansion - This Weekend!
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Exciting news! We have officially finished work on our biggest patch yet - that we are now calling the Homeland Expansion. For the rest of today and tomorrow we are doing some last minute testing, as we are getting ready to release this Expansion Patch this weekend. Sorry it`s taking us so long, but it`s well worth the wait!

Here`s a couple of screenshots:

-Level up your buildings to increase their stats, train units cheaper and faster, and increase unit starting level to level 5
-Brand new Winter texture theme
-Fixing majority of PvP issues, including OOS

-Homeland expansions with three times as many houses and buildings to build on your homeland
-New guard towers and stand alone keep structures for your homeland
-Unique building and walls texture set for each region

Konstantin Fomenko 01-24-2013 08:16 PM

Patch # 1.3.7 - Homelands Expansion

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Expanded human homelands - adding more buildings slots and houses
-Expanded Elven homelands - can build on majority of trees, new walled houses locations
-Added watch towers and garrison keeps on all homelands for all races
-Majority of buildings can now be upgraded up to level 5 - greatly improving the buildings performance: higher starting level of spawned units, faster and cheaper unit spawn, cheaper technologies more hit points, faster and cheaper repair, fire resistance and other minor benefits
-All homelands now get unique art sets - so each building in each region looks distinctly different
-New winter texture set greatly improves winter atmosphere
-Game resolutions now sets to the highest possible for the better looking GUI
-Updated cinematics on all homelands - with more props and better cameras
-Battle chat now works between players in a PvP or CoOp game, and show players in battle
-Fixed chat getting stuck on screen issue, and disabled creating and removing chat tabs
-Fixed remaining Out of Sync issues - on start-up, and during long PvP and CoOp matches
-Fixed game getting stuck on a loading screen if PvP connection failed
-Fixed getting start on black screen if PvP fails to initialize a match
-Fixed PvP and CoOp searching by players name finding random armies with huge strength difference
-Fixed Vs Town search attacking armies instead
-If one player disconnects or pays off in CoOp - other player can continue the game and still win
-Added background combat sounds for battles
-Added unique regional background sounds, including homeland village sounds for each race
-Added 18 new achievements
-Reduced bloom effect in game and polished the lighting cycle, fixed ultra-bright object textures
-Each race now uses original racial set of interface art
-Changed the way units respond to attack order - disabling automatic attack move

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Increase the start-up bonus. First 15 buildings on new homelands will now build much faster
-Dwarven Mines and other workers can now drop off resources at Elven Treant
-Changed Healing and Mass Heal SFX, added visual effect to mass healing
-Achievements now come with various influence rewards from 2 to 60 crowns
-Updated all of the achievements icons art
-PvP and CoOp requests clearly show the inviting player name
-Co-Op NPC sieges - fixed issue with player getting stuck if no opponents were found
-Co-Op search by player name will only find player armies positioned near the target
-In Co-Op NPC town siege, if one player pays-off, the game will still continue
-Fixed Orc Warg Pen and Goblin Hut spawning units over limit and too fast
-Chat now shows welcome message
-Orc Grand Hut will now spawn units much faster and spawn several if player is away for a while
-New SFX and effects for mass healing and healing potion
-Fixed various issues with Elven symbiosis and Alchemy lab buildings
-Improved snow and rain effects for more intensity and better emersion
-Added localization for Buy crowns and Invite a Friend text
-Fixed positioning of Quest and Forum buttons.
-Expanded the size of description pop-ups so text will no longer overlap for unit descriptions e.t.c
-Fixed Orc Warg Farm not spawning cavalry units
-New AI for town sieges defenders cavalry - seeking and destroying any units on the level
-Fixed cavalry spawn location on Illas tiltos siege level
-All cavalry unit speeds slightly reduced
-Fixed invisible Orc buildings bug
-Updated all loading screens - keeping only the best once and removing the rest
-Fixed broken palisade on human Wold homeland
-Fixed broken large gatehouse on Rollingplain homeland
-Fixed all bridges on Erthee L`Bala homeland
-Removed out of place Goblins from CoOp NPC town sieges
-Player`s army now has 60 pop in the View mode
-Player Adviser unit is impossible to kill now

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Various Siege weapons hitpoints increased several times over
-Ranged Siege units now fire much faster, but with a bit less damage
-Ranged units on towers gain huge range bonus - double the range
-Enchanter, Foot Knight, Goblin area healing greatly reduced
-Healing locations healing greatly reduced
-Crossbowman now only has fire arrows
-Increased house prices
-Wall upgrades now take much longer to construct
-Stone wall prices greatly increased
-Orc huts price reduced significantly
-All Orc units now train much faster
-Most Orc unit cost reduced by 50% or more
-Increases starting armour of most Orcish units
-Ogre gains Charge ability
-Mounted Orcs now have ability to trample units
-Orc formations now last much longer, and are much better
-Lowered bold thrower accuracy alittle bit, and decreased damage as well
-Archers now start each battle with full arrow quiver
-Dragons and all custom heroes can now be leveled up in NPC town up to level 60
-Greatly reduced the price to level Dragons, Hero at NPC towns
-Regular units now can be leveled up to level 10 in NPC towns

GPS51 01-24-2013 08:23 PM

YAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO I haven't been this excited for a patch EVER :D

dropkick_jxy 01-25-2013 03:54 AM

Good job guys
And very quick work on the healing problems, hope video helped. Looking forward to better vs and co-op play :)

Sunleader 01-25-2013 01:04 PM

Looking forward to it.
Got Nightshift tough so I.ll most likely not be able to get my hands on it before Sunday evening ^^


GridStone 01-25-2013 02:46 PM

looks amazing guys i cant wait to build stuff :D

Premeo 01-25-2013 03:13 PM

i just downloaded it and when i login to online says"incorrect version please update your client"

GPS51 01-25-2013 03:15 PM

Server is down for patching, it should be back up within 30 minutes !

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