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Felix Pride 01-22-2013 06:44 PM

Troops nerfed in home city?
Can anyone explain why my troops seem to get nerfed when in my home city? i have 8 groups of lvl 16 knights who when in my home city are nerfed back to level one stats. (normally maxed resistance and health, but now default stats.) I also noticed my hero units are also suffering but not as badly. Is this supposed to happen? Is it a glitch? It's killing my game play as i cant defend my city with 8 units of level one knights and i don't want to risk losing them for nothing. Also when i create an army on the world map their stats return to normal. Any help or explanation would be appreciated. Thanks.

axal011 01-22-2013 10:38 PM

Fuddan here, Felix im thinking this is a very bad bug... as I don't have this problem.

Brian Shingles 01-23-2013 06:52 AM

That is very unusual and definitely a bug, although not one I've encountered before.

Next time you play, can you transfer your units either to or from your home city and then exit and reply with your log1.txt file attached (found in the Dawn of Fantasy install folder). This will help us see what is changing so we can find the cause.

Do the units retain their level when you view or enter camp with your army?

Felix Pride 01-23-2013 04:05 PM

I logged in 15 minutes ago and now they are as they should be. I have no idea if and what i did. But next time it happens i will do as you asked and give you the log. Thanks for getting back to me.

Felix Pride 01-23-2013 08:33 PM

Well it happened again so i sent an army out of my city containing the 8 knights. i noticed that on the world map my knights still say 550 max health. When i view them on the world map and take command of them they have their normal 3700 health. Unfortunately i do not have premission to attach files in the forums. Is there any other way i can send you the file? (I was curious so i opened the file and found portions of it is repeating (LOGONLY: Men-Units-Knight Hybrid Battalion'S HEALTH WAS OVER HEALTH CAP.) It also said similar things about other units about their health cap.

Hope you can figure something out. Until then i am going to start a new city. Thanks.

Konstantin Fomenko 01-24-2013 11:05 AM

Yeah you can send it by email to and I`ll take a look.

Thanks for helping us out with tracking this down!

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