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Bluetiger 01-19-2013 09:29 AM

Dwarven Miners
Dwarven Miners for elves will not drop off at treant, and wonder around aimlessly. I saw post from July saying it was going to be fixed on the next patch, which obviously never happened. I tried to go to a human a city for a horse-cart...that was just a waste of money for a beginner. Cost me 1000 gold to walk there and back. Diplomacy would of cost 1500 gold which I didn't have. Also add what-ever a horse-cart cost. Its pretty sad that a bug reported 6 months ago is still broken and work-around would cost you a couple thousand gold.
The cost for just your hero to walk on the map is pretty outrageous in its self, like I said I wasted a 1000 gold to make a pointless walk.
Please don't post your fixing something and leave it broken 6 months later! It would be nice if you added a note to market saying that Miners don't work for elves.

dropkick_jxy 01-19-2013 09:45 AM

It doesnt cost any gold to walk around. If you are losing gold while walking this means that you are carrying too much. The more resources a unit can carry the more gold so try adding more units before going on a walk or removing gold so it doesnt decay.

Sunleader 01-19-2013 11:16 AM

Well he already said it

Your Armys and other Units have an Carry Load which they can carry around.
The Maximum amount of Ressources you can Carry at the same time also is the Max Amount of Gold you can Carry
If you carry more Gold than your actual limit allows you will start losing Gold
the further you exceed the limit the faster the Gold Decays

so if your Army can Carry 1000 units of Ressources it can also carry 1000 Gold along with it.

For example you could carry 500 food 500 stone and 1000 Gold
(other Ressources are added together on the limit Gold however while sharing the limit is countet alone)
So no matter how much Gold you have it wont affect the other Ressources
and no matter which or how many other Ressources you have it wont affect the Gold

Worker Units and Carts usually have good Carry Loads so if you want to transport alot of stuff you should add some to your Army

For Humans that are Carts
For Elves it Treants which can carry alot
hmm Orcs had some sort of Raider Unit used for Raids and Pillaging right ? guess those are your choice on them

of course you can also use Mercs
some Carts or Treants are usually cheaply acquired


Bluetiger 01-20-2013 09:24 AM

Thanks for the replies. Sorry for ranting a bit yesterday. Still the issue that the dwarven miners won't work with the treants though. Should be fixed or have a note on them saying they only work with cart so you know that before you buy several of them.

Sunleader 01-20-2013 11:01 AM

Well Treants aint Dropoff Points from what I know

Wardens dont need a Dropoffpoint and Elves actually dont need one.

Treants carry alot of Ressources but its news to me that theyre drop off Points :)
Tough I am not an Elvish Player so I might be wrong here

Konstantin Fomenko 01-20-2013 12:49 PM

Hey - thanks for bringing this to our attention again. I just assigned this to our designer and hopefully this will be included in the upcoming patch in a couple of days. I agree this is a massive issue.

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