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axal011 12-31-2012 05:00 AM

City to world map Bug
I can't give much details as I was just "Staring" at my city in city mode. All of sudden it would jump out of city mode into world view and when I would click on city, no Options would show up, such as "Create army" and among other things that are to the Left. It's happened twice now within 10 minutes.. not sure what could be causing this, but letting you aware of this.

City slot-3

Possible duplication of the Fire cart and supply cart may have caused this.

At the time of "Staring" at my city, The last thing I did was in the process of building stone walls.

It's not doing it anymore, had to be because of the Fire cart and supply cart Extra train, and I deleted the duplicates "I HOPE that is what caused this"

Also what may have caused this was just the simple building walls, It's complete now, and The problem doesn't seem to be continuous or continuing

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