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jeff9569 12-17-2012 05:07 AM

Elf glitch issues.
Hi, I just started playing Dawn of Fantasy because the game looked so darn cool. However, I did not know that the game had so many glitches.

1. I don't think the resource trickle rate (resource/min) number reflect the current resource gathering rate at all. (maybe it is just me, but it doesn't make sense for +22 wood to gather faster than +200 gold)

2. The alchemy lab is just very glitchy in many aspects
-I got all the efficiency upgrade, the alchemy lab seems to be using about +30 gold a minute when converting stuff to wood or stone. (it was much less before the upgrade)

-I was thinking of building three and convert resources into three resources (gold, stone, and tree). It does not stack because when I change the convert for one building it changes for all three, and it doesn't get any more efficient than just one building.

3. The price of the unit is not what they actually are. (ex. the cost of deer changes between 40 and 50 same kind of deal goes for unicorns and wardens)

4. Some of deers die everyday, so I have to remake the lost population everyday. (maybe this is not a glitch but it is kinda weird)

5. I have this giant Unicorn farm, but some of them lose like portion of their health (5% or so) randomly so I have to move them back into the center of the town in order to heal them

I found many glitches throughout the game play, but I cannot remember them all right now. I will post them as soon as I remember more.

However, I generally love the game, and thank you for creating such a unique game that only has very small niche in the gaming market.

6. Symbiosis Plots(the plots where you summon resources near by tree symbiosis) spawn under the symbiosis resources
-I stacked the symbiosis resource plots as soon as symbiosis plot came up

7. However, the wardens refuse to mine the stacked symbiosis resources... (therefore, the symbiosis plot spawn should be corrected in some way)

8. The fiery upgrade never worked (none of my bolt thrower and rangers can use the fiery bow or bolt even the ones that I produced after the upgrade)

*For the deers disappearing, I think I see how they just disappear. Some of them die overtime and create this plot of blood slowly turning into food resource by being "absorbed" on the ground.

Konstantin Fomenko 12-17-2012 08:48 AM

Jeff, thanks for the kind words and for posting such a detailed report. I`ve added several of these issues to our programmers workload - including disappearing deers and Alchemy lab issues.

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