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Konstantin Fomenko 12-14-2012 12:15 PM

Greenlit Gaming Review!
We are happy to share a brand new review. Folks over at Greenlit Gaming really loved Dawn of Fantasy and took their time in writing one of the most elaborate and detailed reviews we had to date. What`s even better is the straight up opinion and good wishes for Dawn of Fantasy! It`s not every day that we actually get a reviewer who played the game for such a long time...

This review is good step on the long road ahead - spreading the word about Dawn of Fantasy and correcting the terrible review situation after our ex-publisher rushed the game in almost unplayable state last year. We are glad to see our team`s hard work with nearly 50 patches is paying off and players and reviews alike are enjoying the game.

And you can always help us by spreading the word, and posting player reviews on the net!

You can view full review here:


Reverie World Studios clearly had an ambitious vision when they set out to create their MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy. What that vision has resulted in is a game that redefines its unique genre with grand city design and most importantly, epic castle sieges.

The siege battles in Dawn of Fantasy are without a doubt the highlight of the game. They will make you cheer in triumph after a hard fought victory, but they can bring you to tears when your entire army is annihilated. While the vast scope of the sieges is enough to bring your emotions to a peak, the strategic elements of how you use your troops and where you position them can make the difference between being victorious and being defeated

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