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miklos1 11-20-2012 01:48 PM

tips and tricks to pvp!
Hello was wanting to start a tread for those of us that pvp. `
First if ppl could respond with if you do in fact pvp, 2 army str, three any tricks you might have for findng pvp, and any advice for new ppl.

like myself thats all i do is pvp i have human elf and orc armies. My main is human, with average army str at about 600. what i do to find pvp is i have all 5 armies placed around the map where it spawns player cities and try with each army till i find a fight. if that dont work i switch to elf which has lower army str and try again. As for tips for new players i mix my armies up with different race types to give me a good overall attack and defense. Also make sure to spend crowns on formation for your troops it really helps! :p

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