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DGraviton 11-15-2012 06:52 PM

Sieging Homelands
I and a couple friends play this game together and we regularly meet up to massacre each others forces and siege each others towns.

I noticed when I (Race of mighty Men) sieged his (Vile Orcs) swamp fortress, my forces were placed pretty much directly in full view and range of his catapults. Added to this, I had the bright idea of making myself a fortified camp before I started to attack him which resulted in a "Fish in a barrel" situation for flaming boulders and burning troops. The small exits to my camp and the burning patches on the ground pretty much sealed the deal before I was even 30 seconds into the siege.

After we both rebuilt he attacked my homeland in Southmont. When he arrived he was well out of range of any of my defenses and was therefore able to pick away at my wall and trebuchets with his catapults while mine were only able to fire 2 to 3 at a time. I didn't just let it happen of course, and I managed to emerge victorious from the battle, but it made me think.

Is the Orc swamp settlement the only one that places your whole army right under their catapults?

What are your siege stories? What do the other homelands look like in terms of walls and starting points for enemy armies? I'd love to read them.

Dragun 11-15-2012 08:46 PM

My siege story is little bit sad, you know...; all begins with a story...
P.S.:I was an Elf.
"I used to lay in siege little castles, then I took a casttle with two walls..."
You know, elves has just the treants and the bolt thrower, and brother, trust me, elfes "legendary" accuracy with bolt thrower is unbelievable, this things can hit an arrow "in the knee" of the tower, of course, after 100 attempts, but remember, the important is the "intention"...
Elves defense is very well, but even their defense has some troubles that offensive races don't have, like the orcs, in a PvP siege, orcs has no troubles to shoot down a dragon, but the elfes...
It make me think that elves was made just to give us a variety of races...
Now I'm a badass human with knights, and after the siege all I say is "Where is the *****"...
I really like to play as elf, but this way it's not possible...

Konstantin Fomenko 11-16-2012 08:35 AM

Dragon - good point - I`ll make a note to improve Elven Balistas accuracy.

DGraviton - every time you attack somebody`s homeland - your army spawn at 6 possible locations on their town map. And my guess we made a mistake with placing one of these locations - we`ll take another look at the Orc Swamp town. Thanks for reporting these.

And Town Siege stories are great - I try to play DoF few times a week, and PvP sieges is definitely my favorite part. So many stories... hopefully one day I`ll get to siege your towns:)

miklos1 11-16-2012 10:53 AM

oh i cant wait. We started a fight one night but Darth Wifus commanded i take her the the death star code named (red lobster). So i look forward to the chance at rematch. hehe

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