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Gilliganxl 10-24-2012 05:50 PM

Unfair Disconnects
So two nights ago i was attacked about 6 times from the same guy. However the load screen took forever only to arrive back at the city with a message saying Player Disconnected. This happen about 6 times and i was unable to actually defend my city. I still lost resources each time and gain no wealth from it. This ran my resources bone dry.

Also after a few times i talked to the guy and he acknowledged he knew what was happening but he still did it to me and others making me think he was trying to exploit the game? Weather he was or not is there a stop this from happening?

Brian Shingles 10-25-2012 05:35 AM

Thanks for your report on a possible exploit. We will look into a better resolution for disconnects.

If you want to avoid a persistent attacker, paying them off gives you Attack Protection for a while, so they will no longer be able to attack you.

Novakiller 10-28-2012 12:27 AM

I think a better solution for pvp protection would be better, the one in place is a HELL of a lot better then having non at all from what it used to be, but seems as you guys are going or should be going onto steam in the near future, and trying to attract a lot more playerbase, i think paying pvp for few hrs, or few days with all your influence points might deteer ppl away rather then attracting, as its not really opting out of the pvp, and players like the option to pve or pvp. The current mechanics are better then no option at all, but after all this it still feels like placeholder, i know a lot few players that dont play this game as much as they used to because they hate the current "paying" for pvp protection mechanic, and then you end up getting what the OP posted here... a mess.... Just saying, might need to think of a way how pvp and pve works when this hits steam, dont want you guys to get blasted by players extremely frustraited they cant do their missions because their constantly forced into pvp...

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