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Howler 09-03-2012 08:14 PM

Screen Resoloution
hi, i just bought this game, and am having resolution issues. I run a 2 monitor setup and can not move my screen to the left due to it just going onto my other monitor.

In other games i just adjust my screen resolution and that fixes this. But i can not find a place in this game to do so. I have had this game for 45 mins, and it is a pain to try and learn a new game with this issue. Anything i missed, or is this just a problem in the tutorial?

Konstantin Fomenko 09-03-2012 08:59 PM


Unfortunately DoF uses your windows resolution - so whatever it is in Windows, DoF will also run in. However - for your problem there is an easy solution - go to your Windows Control Panel - Display Settings and set which of two monitors you want to be your primary one - and DoF will run on that monitor. I know it`s less than ideal, but one area of our engine code we didn`t get to work much on was the dual monitor support.

Howler 09-03-2012 10:12 PM

Thank you for your response. Just to clarify, i am trying to run it on 1 monitor, but when i move my mouse cursor to the left, the game does not have a auto lock, instead it freely roams into my other monitor, causing an ache.

Once again ty u for your response.

Konstantin Fomenko 09-04-2012 08:05 AM


i am trying to run it on 1 monitor, but when i move my mouse cursor to the left, the game does not have a auto lock
My bad, and it`s funny - I had the exactly same problem (I always on dual monitor set-up), but it never bothered me. I`ll check with our lead programmer about this, there is got to be some setting somewhere.

Novakiller 09-17-2012 05:47 PM

on the subject, can you get the game to finally run in a window mode please const. we've been back on forth on the forums for awhile over this and i know busy busy always busy but yeah :D

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