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aramsm 06-20-2012 02:00 PM

9.5K resources and other minor bugs
Hi guys,

I reported later about 7k resources and you guys told me that would be fixed in the last patch. Now is 9.5k, I mean my resources get stuck at 9.5k. If I stay off for more than one day and my resources was about 9k, with wood, food and stone rising at 3/s, I expect to have more than 9.5k resources. Im also hearing the voice telling me that my resources reached the limit. So its still not fixed.

Also there are some bugs about chat: first, battle chat is not working, wich was an important chat to speak with our enemies/allies, please fix it and let it like it was before 1.2.5 patch, I mean: only ppl with you on the battle can read it; letters bigger than 12 dont fit well in the chat box, lasts menssages will pop out of the chat box.

At last, I pvped with someone and when he surrendered one troop of him passed to my side: is that normal? It would be nice to have some "loyalty" feature but Im not sure if that is intended in this game.

Thats it for now. Bye guys and good luck with bug fixing.

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