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Partl 06-05-2012 01:41 PM

The Dragonslayer
This is a nice concept - but seems to be bugged quite heavy

1) Can reach 100% resistance

Not just that, other resitances dissapear, once i hit 100. To clearify - i was at 95/90/90, when i spent one point at fist res, to reach 100, i had a lag, and 100/85/70. Hope this unit will respec randomly, but i dont think i am lucky like that... its crippled now.

2) Attack Talents only give 10dmg

In description, it is written to give 20dmg per raise, but i only got 10 - intended?

3) Runs out of fire

Hes fire immune, and while he might be concerned about his dress, he shouldnt be effected by that "fire? RUN"-thing.

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