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Kajanov 06-01-2012 04:02 PM

New chat suggestions and issues
Hi all,

It's been a while since I played before (at launch and a few weeks after) and I decided to try the game out again this tuesday, which was 2 days before the new patch(yay :) So this patch has brought us among other things the new chat system window, which has some nice new features, but some, I feel are not working as intended. I'd like to consolidate them here. Please move this if you feel this place is inappropriate for it, however I hope to provide some suggestions as well.

- Some people feel, that the new chat window is too big. I personally couldn't care less, as long as it doesn't get in the way of the game, which it sometimes does(covers at least 2 buttons when entering a city to trade and such). - suggestion: make the chat gui movable/scalable?

- If you /whisper someone if you are not in the friends tab, it persists in the tab you were in and you have to change back to the channel you want o type to. - This may have been fixed, but I did not specifically test it.

- Battle chat is glorified world chat and is viewable by everyone - nuff said (When Konstantin found out his words were "This is just wrong...")

- General tab does not show general chat by default, you type and see world channel and also see, I think, system and help channels all in 1 colour - suggeestions: obviously make general the default and viewable channel in the general tab by default, also colour code the chats(though you can do it yourself and I do like the customizability)

- A personal suggestion not affecting people who do not see timestamps(there is a toggle for it in the game options) Please make at least minutes and seconds have leading zeros if they are not 2 digit.

- I have not tested this at great length, hoewevr I am no able to type in my region's chat as is noone else and everyone who still can(I'll get to why I can't later) types in southmont making the region chat rather useless in it's current state. I tried several commands I found in /help (or is it /?) including, but not limited to /local and was it /hr? the one that should make you join your home region's chat all with zero results though I did put text right after, maybe you have to type the command on it's own and then your messageafter sending the command

And at the end not exacly related to just chat - Why oh why does every game save your options(including chat optuions) at graceful game exit? I've had this problem with games like oblivion and skyrim and quite a few others. I fussed arround with the new chat system for a good 30 or so minutes, had everything nicely coloured the way I wanted ahd a new tab for help, general was able to at least see general and stuff like that and then the game frose on me on the loading screen, so I had to go to windows and kill the process via taskmgr... guess what wwhen I loaded the game back up everything I had customized in chat was gone...

Please do not assume that I dislike, hate, or just plain don't want this new chat system. I feel it is an overall positive step, however it needs a little bit more love.

Please feel free to comment on the above and add your own suggestions.

See you ingame perhaps :) Kajanov

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