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Konstantin Fomenko 05-28-2012 10:37 AM

Balance Suggestions!
We are planning to release a balancing patch this week, and wanted to see if our players have some feedback. We don`t have a dedicated play-tester team anymore - so usually our balance patches are based on the player feedback.

Please try to be specific, so not just "Elves are OP", but "Elven Mounted Ranger should get his speed and attack reduced"

buddhist23 05-28-2012 05:28 PM

Make dragons endangered and up their power to godly levels.

GPS51 05-28-2012 05:54 PM

Over all I find the upgraded slayer unit weak against archers even when micro'd intesively. They just die to fast, I suggest HP buff.

Nibelton 05-28-2012 06:39 PM

make storage cap much,much bigger about 500K (with all upgrades and houses ofc),maybe even make few lvl of storage upgrade for it

Gruber12 05-28-2012 07:44 PM

Its not really balance but make dam workers collect from one tree then move onto the next without going all over the map cutting down fifty trees

vicious666 05-29-2012 02:42 AM


Fondamental :
Make heal ability work in pvp also (i mean vs players) attack is already problematic we usually start at similar level of strenght, except that defender have : higher position +walls+extra artillery/oil/traps
+ defender can build units (if he have resource) like knights even lev 1 just for block entrance points by putting them on "hold position! allowing his archers-trebuch to dmg you.
also becouse many units like knights lose pretty much 70% of theyr value (they have 2 heal ability and none work )

i dont know if this is a bug or is a choice. (bad choice if is)

With an army of dragons 4-5 you can "fly" into the enemy central court yard, kill all in, and win the siege, avoiding all the strategy and the sense to develop a city etc etc, good for farm renown, for not talk how is easy with dragons spam range attack and insta-splash groups of 40-50 archers.

Balance suggestion: Not more than 1 dragon for each
type is allowed in any army /city, or 2 dragon max.


2) Make more higher level city, with my army of lev 10+ warrior i can easly enter any npc city with 16x troops with 80% slash 50% pierce res, and annichilate anything together with some area healing, all castle except for the structure, are pretty much same, once you have 60 troops lev 10+ you steamroll them. so you need imho to upgrade the levels or make some castle very hard, with npc lev 20-30-40 etc. (not all 11 or 20 )

The quest you receive from the small camp outside your city, are always the same and vs very low level npc lev 1-4, with a dragon lev 1 can SOLO ALONE the entire quest, wich is cool for start, but when you have troops able just to charge them carelessy, become boring

1) Give more mission option such as levels, easy, medium hard extreme etc
2) Make quest adjust confirmly to your army STR
3) Make more quest simply (alre always 2,, the small city and the open field after a bit become boring

.................................................. .................................................. ...........................................

1a) Make alliance in game work plz.
1b) Make allies heal work also on ally unit, i sended a dragon to help my friend during a siege and he was unable to heal it
2) Give common "warrior" some ability, or simply knight our tank/dmg/utility them and they have no sense
3) Give Halbard more dmg/hp, they are useless right now they should be counter to cavalry right now they get trampled.
4) Make elf ballista use wood instead stone
5)Add more co-op options, like co siege vs 1 player wich can call for a friend, open map co-op will be nice also.
6) Make a total pvp map
7) Make ppl wich form an alliance nominate a king
8) Make ppl able to chose a COLOR, orange black red green etc, for theyr army and maybe some banners will be cool. easy to do. just re-color the current army, and use the current banner with another texture
9) Make possible Rename HERO but even units, is hard to find your lev 10 knight who where almost to level up in middle of another 10, only way is enter in city and click them 1 by 1, but if you can name them......
10) Make a sort of player market, ability to sell resource and units also!


Dark elf (take current elf make darker make drake-knights like in warhammer fantasy)
Undead (ok will be a lot of graphics work but new castle new map zone? new units? )
Dwarfs (cmon they pretty much already exist -.- you have only to make 2-3 other units)

1)VERY IMPORTANT :Fix the lost of skill point assignation. is very frustrating re-assign all every time you re log in
2) Fix the npc mission (the one near your base in the small accampment) it happens that after you take the quest, the quest text remain, and you cant do anything anymore you force to re-log
3) Fix the laggy pathfiding
4) Fix the fact that if you in war with a city, but you received a mission in that city, you cant anymore enter and talk with the guy inside for continue the quest.

vicious666 05-29-2012 02:48 AM


100K CITY, 10K ARMY.


PUT HEAL ABILITY IN PVP, or many troops lose too much sense-abiity, also augment timer of siege to 1h+, really was a shock go in pvp with an army of knight and bam find that they cant heal, losing all theyr sense , considering when i entered into the enemy city they where all already at 50% and my enemy TOTALLY FRESH.

is already hard enter in a city, you will be always in a much worst situation than the defender, small passage = get a lot of dmg from focus of all shooting troops-artillery-oil -fire -dragons in field, cool part of this game is not dragons or monster 1 single units, but infantry vs infantry fights

units balance suggestion: augment a little hp of archers, like +50 (basic )
warriors (the basics shielders) give them a special ability, not only the move slow with shield for extra protection. or knights simply are superior in all

Ghost 05-29-2012 12:56 PM

Definitely think a limit of 1 dragon per army is a good idea.

Beyond that, until we can have more frequent PvP it's a bit hard to say. My results have been inconsistent in terms of finding what units are OP and UP.

vicious666 05-29-2012 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by Ghost (Post 72045)
Definitely think a limit of 1 dragon per army is a good idea.

Beyond that, until we can have more frequent PvP it's a bit hard to say. My results have been inconsistent in terms of finding what units are OP and UP.

yeah 1-2 should be ok also raise theyr price like 60 for green 120 red 180 imperial

daikl 05-30-2012 09:10 AM

My suggestions:
More population for orcs,we are supposed to become horde and swarm the enemy.
More mercenaries units:vampires,werewolfs,trolls something to spice things up.
New elite units like dragons and limit them for 1 per army and use rock,paper,scissor implementation(ie cyclops>dragons>hydra>cyclops ,you get the idea,there is plenty of mythos to go around).
It would be cool if in the future we could set our own walls,will lead to some interesting castles.
We need wars between alliances,once you belong in a alliance that has war you can get atacked(and sacked) by enemy,you could request from allies reinforcements(we need some pvp drama:P )

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