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maxclo 05-11-2012 08:30 AM

Somes Suggestions !
Hi all and Dear Dev,

After some months palying game I've some ideas to submit for DOF :

For the begining the game is really good and the Dev team is really efficient so "bravo" and thank you.

When a new player begin a party, the challenge is to built his city and discover the game but after few months, the city is ended and the game is base on PVP and Quest

So I suggest to add some specials building wich could be only buy one bank with influence and very expensive in crowns (around 200 or 300) :
- It could Be templar
- ingenieuring building
- An acces for a third circle of wall

In that building gamer paying again will be allow to have :
New siege wall weapons mor efficient
New traps
News spells for magicals units
New uprgade for units (flying squads could be fun !)
Recall some hight level dead units (thanks Arasm for this idea)
Heal instantly some units etc etc

For questing :
Quest are reapeating at the end and dev could script others challenge, limited in access for hight powered armies for example more than 700.

Gain these abilities and access these quests will make a new challenge for a lot of players like me. maybe these quest could be in region, location allowed only for hight powered armies

For PVP a classement could be done with the number of city kill of win and lost actions

At end, for conviviality, It could be really nice if friendly visit will be allow to visit others players cities

:cool: What do you think about all of that !?



ThijaadKhar 05-11-2012 09:12 AM

I like the idea about being able to deploy air units.
For Elves maybe Eagles, Gryphons Etc... more majestic birds and creatures.
For Humans maybe objects under inspiration of Leonardo DaVinci's flying machines.
For Orcs maybe War Balloons etc...

But i agree the game loses its appeal after one has repeated quests so many times. Pop Cap reached and never and PvP action.

More quests and challenged would be amazing, and additional expenses in the DOF Store for larger amounts of Crown. as you said having an additional 3rd wall would be great! or even being able to expand outside the settlement furthur.

maxclo 05-11-2012 09:39 AM

He He He

And more : Flying Artillery
Flying magical units healing...


aramsm 05-11-2012 08:29 PM

Hey guys,

I also think it should be more things to buy using crowns but instant healing could make it overpower and Im not sure about flying units since, although the fantasy aspects, this game has a realistic look for me. But could be a nice idea. Maybe instead of instant healing we could deploy a healing fountain on the battlefield wich heals constantly without loosing stamina.

I also think that all those things must be something that is not permanet. In units case, for example, you buy them and soon or later they will die. Buildings and new traps should be destructible forever, not like other structures that you cant destroy it and all you have to do is repair it. For example, after you have your third wall destroyed you have to buy and build another.

In addition, just a small thought:
-we could have a castle/keep/fortress with our hero or city's advisor inside in siege mode and attackers should kill him to win.

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