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Commander Loh 04-11-2012 07:59 PM

Returning to the game
Greetings Community. It has been a while. I played the game during closed beta around June last year. I am interested to if someone can give me a quick detail in features that have changed since my last being here. I was a major threat back then in my Mountain Elven Kingdom, doubt I will be now though :')
- First Player to have a fully established Wall, 7 fully ready armies patrolling and so on prior to Online Reset.I stopped testing at that point especially when my Hero disappeared and never respawned.

Anyways, I was too busy with other games back then, namely some MMO's, Minecraft and ofcourse work :P

But I've been thinking about it for a while and since GAME in the UK is in financial trouble, they reduced the price of the game by a few in comparance to the online shop here so I thought what the hey, Bought. Should arrive by Monday :O.

So back to my request, Flyingcheesecake will remember me hopefully but if anyone can give me a short list of major features, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want to be caught too heavily offguard.


- Are we able to make towns for resources now?
- How many building spots in our primary cities?
- What is the army cap? Is it still 60 per batallion?
- Are resource income info fixed? I remember having negative resource generation but recieving resources :')
- the resource income, is it per minute or per second?
- What other stuff do I need to know?

My plans

- Elven gameplay with Alchemist/Growers and Warriors and in Taltos :) I love the bottleneck defense
- As before I plan to Trickle Food and Berry pick, while setting up 3 or 6 labs each generating 1 or 2 of Gold, Stone and Wood.
- Expansive approach, Multiple military 40% of forces being within 1min of my City for reinforce/defense
- Defensive and Communitive Play.

Thanks :)

aramsm 04-12-2012 12:42 AM

Hey there and welcome back.

Im new to the game and have been playing since march or february. Even so I can answer your questions...
Dont know for sure, but is a lot for elves.
It still is 60.
I had problems with it at the beggining, but for now they work satisfatory, although I dont think it is fixed.
Still per second.
Plus, they worked on some out of sync issues, added a tool on searching someone for pvp and coop (now you can search for players name) and they are working to improve path find and lag and maybe implement some system that allow us to trade. That is all I think.

See you on battlefield.

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