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Storel 04-04-2012 03:16 PM

Town map randomly switches to world map
And leaves everything on world map unselectable.

Okay, I've had the game a few days (managed to get past the installation issues :D ), but today I've had a few occasions where I've been in the Town Map and it's randomly switched out to the World Map. While I can switch back into Town and do things normally, on the World map after this happens, nothing is selectable.
Well, when I say nothing is selectable, I can select towns/cities but no options/info boxes appear. I can't create any armies or anything.
The only thing that seems to fix this is logging out and then logging back in again. It's only a temporary fix though as it soons happens again. It's happened 3 times so far today.

Any ideas?

Storel 04-05-2012 11:53 AM

The issue is worse today and doesn't seem to be tied to just the Town Map. I'm logged in for a minute before the TMap switched to the WMap. I relogged and went to the world map to create an army for questing. One minute in and the World map switches to... the World map. And apparently someone attacking the army which I haven't finished creating, so it has 0 soldiers in it and paying them off with no gold...

Also, given the age it takes to log in and log out waiting on loading screens, the game is fast becoming unplayable.

Being a former AoKer from Heavengames, I'm somewhat disappointed so far with a game that showed such promise 10 years ago :(

Konstantin Fomenko 04-05-2012 02:56 PM

Hi Storel, welcome to DoF.

The only time it can randomly switch you to the World Map is if somebody attacked you. How often did this happen so far?

I think what`s happening is the game seems to think you have an army (which you actually don`t have) and people keep on attacking that army.

If you can tell me your username and town name I can take a look at your town - this is a really odd new bug.

Storel 04-05-2012 03:53 PM

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Umm, it's happened about 5 times. Three yesterday and twice today. 4 of them I didn't have an army and the 5th time I was in process of forming an army.

Account: Storel
Town: Appia

Will I need to be logged in or out for you to check? Or does it not matter?


Konstantin Fomenko 04-06-2012 11:25 AM

It doesn`t matter if you are online and offline.

Ok I checked the server logs - and I do see you were attacked several times, but by some reason the attack window didn`t draw properly (well actually it might have some of these times)

Next time this happens - can you please take a screenshot with F1 key (and .bmp of the screenshot will be saved inside your Dawn of Fantasy folder.) and post it here (if you convert it to a smaller .jpg file using Windows Paint - Save as JPG) you will be able to attack it to your post.

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