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Aralas 03-20-2012 05:13 PM

Where is the multiplayer mode? PVP dungeon finder WHY?
Hi I was just wondering why the multiplayer mode is not here?

I read before that it was supposed to be here to play the skirmish mode in multiplayer with a friend. But right now I'm only finding single player option.

Another question is, why did you put the PVP things like in World of Warcraft dungeon finder?

It was supposed to be all the city on the map visible and so you can attack them without any rules of point wich is not really in the same way realistic than the other things in the game actually...
I think this Dungeon finder mode is so bad ... With my friend we were hoping to walk around and see the town of everybody like it was supposed to be.

Is it too difficult?

We are thinking that it's not really right to let people think that there will be free fight on the map and let them discover that it's only a finder thingy for PVP. For me it's not a MMO it's like the other RTS you try to find someone to fight automatically, not by walking around...

We are so sad with my friends we thought that this game could be this genius way because all the other elements of the fight the construction and other things are so good !!!
It was the best idea ever to make people exist on a single map and developp city that could be detroyed by other players ...

I would have explaination, why did the game have been done the same way it was thought a the beginning????

GPS51 03-20-2012 05:24 PM

The short answer is that the publisher screwed the game studio and so they are working to fix the things you mentioned on their own. It's not pretty, but the devs have plans to fix the things mentioned so that dof can be the game we all are looking for :)

Aralas 03-20-2012 06:00 PM

I hope so, because it's a dream come true this game if they are doing what it should be.
So I think it's wait and see for the moment? ^^

But we are really waiting for that even if we must pay more for the dev. I know such ambitious game need money too and we really want it to be "perfectly" finished !

GPS51 03-20-2012 06:14 PM

Well patches are being put out (38 so far) , the team is working on the next patch and hopefully it will be out in 2 or 3 days.

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