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maxclo 03-15-2012 03:00 AM

Nobody In PVP ?

Sorry for my bad english ! :rolleyes:

Yesterday, I would try for the first time a PVP.

So with an army strenght 450, I walk all over the map, I made the search PVP each time, and I found... nothing, no city, no castle, no army... :confused:

Is it normal ?

Thx for yours answers !

Jarno Montonen 03-15-2012 08:01 AM

Well I guess 450 strength is on the high side, so could be that you don't always find a suitable target with that strength. Did you try the be brave and ranged scouting options? Maybe just try to find a target with an army that has lower strength.

Admittedly the ingame population can still be rather low during european day time, but it always gets better during the european evening/night and american day time.

maxclo 03-15-2012 08:12 AM

yes !

I tried all options.
This evening in france, i'll try to go with an army less powerful.

So with a city's strengh around 550, I'll never be attack ?


Konstantin Fomenko 03-15-2012 10:48 AM

With the low player base PvP targets are not as easy to come by these days.

I`d recommend searching with army of 200, and 400 in Rollignplain region with Be Brave and Remote Scouting.

If you want somebody to attack your town - try asking people in a chat - tell them what region and how strong, and usually somebody will be up for a PvP.

We are including easier PvP search tools, as well as PvP by player name in the new patch later on this week - it should make things easier.

knightl 03-15-2012 04:12 PM

Try talking in chat ask a simple question that you already know alot of people don't greet you but do answer questions and from there just keep talking

maxclo 03-16-2012 03:12 AM

Hello, I'm sorrry,

My poor english don't understand : "don't greet you but do answer questions and from there just keep talking"

Yesterday evening, I tried to ask on chat for a PVP, only one anwser saying he can't because he we questing.:confused:

No matter, I'll try this evening also.

Since 3 weeks of play, I don't made one PVP... and this part of game is really attractive !

Have a good day !

In france, it's the morning now and I've to go to work !


knightl 03-16-2012 03:25 AM

what i mean is to be nice and friendly.

this will make people talk to you more

maxclo 03-16-2012 04:00 AM


I'm confused, I'll try to be more friendly ! :)

We'll see...

Thx Knightl


knightl 03-16-2012 07:00 AM

no problem

good luck

im not saying you're not friendly remember that :)

ProblemSir 03-27-2012 02:35 AM

I do not want to create new topic, so I am writing here.

Since the author touched the pvp issue here, I let myself add two words to the topic.

First of all, finding someone to PvP against is really hard.
But let us say this issue is solveable, I mean, you can downgrade or split your army, march to areas where are more people etc. So this is not totally funkiller, rather patient teacher aspect of the game.

But second point is something that totally breaks any sense of PvP:

I have army 60/60 with average value of 450points. And I happens (that's the proof that previous point is not THAT painful :) someone attacks me. Enemies army value 370 or so. And so the battle begins.

As it turns out, his army is build from 2 melee units, 4 siege weapons and one (I want to stress this out - ONE ) royal dragon. Skipping the battle plan I will get to the conlusion. After losing like 4-6 units to the dragon I am close to killing this royal beast. And in the answer the opposite player gives up. What do I get as a spoils of war? Well...400g and few wealth. Cost of the units lost by my side is around 2000gold. He saves his dragon and in fact does not lose that much (thi 400g and wagon).

So, I would like to ask - where is the sense of PvP in this game? I am almost on the ground with most my units at 10% health to ONE, ONE DRAGON and when with all my average skills I play micro like crazy to not lose these units while the dragon just stands and fights in place (nearly 1 shoting all of my troops) the other player pays me hilarious low amount of gold and gives up. Is that intended to be? The first question is: I can understand that defender can pay off or give up, but the attacker? The second question is - how is it ok, that he attacks me, kills as many my units with his one unit as he can and then with no real penalty he moves back and "gives up"? Since I am losing much more than him in army, losing much more than him in gold, and still he can regenerate after the battle and repeat, where I am not able to get new XX units instantly (time and gold) + training (gold) + heal (gold)?

And btw. I am not QQing, since with my economy it did not hurt me this way, but still...if this kind of action happens more often, that will mean all the game is around 1 unit.

Thank you for any answer to this topic.

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