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Alex Walz 02-23-2012 12:29 PM

Welcome to Mythador!
Reverie World is thrilled to welcome an army of soon-to-be commanders, knights, and diplomats to the ever evolving world of Mythador. Reverie and IGN have collaborated to promote Dawn of Fantasy with IGN Prime. Thousands of players are expected to join us during the next couple of weeks - kick-starting a new age full of epic team PvP sieges, co-op questing, new adventures, and loads of conflict! So join me in welcoming our new lords and ladies, or at least try to go easy on them as they try out the game. ;)

If you are not IGN prime member, you can still get a great deal on DOF from our store for $24.99 ($5 off the retail price) with a free in-game Haunter Dragon and two elite dwarven battalions.

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