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GamerGuy 02-18-2012 02:12 PM

Green Dragon Fireball
Not sure if when you guys make changes to units you actually load the game up and see the effect but since the begining of the game dragon fireballs are glitched if you launch them to a target area that is too close to the dragon using said fireball. By glitched i mean the fire ball does not arch up in the air it shoots real fast and lands somewhere far beyond where you targeted.
This was not much of a problem before and is still not much of a problem for royal dragons (cause their range is farther) but for green dragons whos range has been cut down so far that their max fireball fire range is within the glitching range (target area too close to dragon using ability) the green dragons fireball is now all but useless making the green dragon itself all but useless.

On a side note my green dragons seem to withstand more damage than my royal dragons? The royal dragons seem to get the crap kicked out of them as if they have no defence or anything. I dont know whats going on but im 110% the dragons are all screwed up so take a look at it.

GPS51 02-18-2012 03:00 PM

Yup we found this bug as well recently, hopefully it can be fixed in the next patch.

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