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Konstantin Fomenko 02-02-2012 01:48 PM

Help us rate the game on Metacritic.
Dear Players,

We need your help to review DoF on Metacritic.

We are trying to spread the word about DoF, and while we wait for pro reviewers (we gave access to media last month) to review the game and generate official Meta-Critic score, we wanted to ask you - our players - to rate the game. Couple of people gave it 0 and 1 review on metacritic just for the hell of it to bring the score down - we are hoping there is enough players who can with an honest review bring the score up a little bit.

We are not asking for super high scores, but honest opinions. If you think DoF in current state only deserves a 3 - by all means. However - I would recommend that only players who played DoF for more than a week and know all the good and the bad post reviews, but of-course can`t stop anybody.:)

Also please keep in mind - we are constantly working on the game, and awesome new co-op and social patch is just days away, followed by a brand new pathfinding system, and finally 6 player PvP and Alliances are all around the corner. hehe:)

All you have to do is register account at Metacritic (takes a few seconds), and post a short review using Write a Review button on this page

We greatly appreciate your feedback and your time.

If somebody needs some inspiration here`s some reviews to date: (French)
OnRPG video: (German)
ITF Gaming:

There are also this extremely negative review, but it`s clear from review text reviewer barely tried the game.

crazeone 02-02-2012 02:01 PM

Thank you for such an awesome game. Been a gamer forever and this game is what I've been searching for, for YEARS! also, rating completed : )

szebus 02-02-2012 02:35 PM

Done but i don't know how I could only select the max note of 9. :confused:

selridion 02-02-2012 04:17 PM

haters gonna hate
fan-boys gonna fan
now we can only hope they hit a draw :P or better

Konstantin Fomenko 02-03-2012 02:17 PM

Thanks for the kind words on the meta-critic page guys! Showed these to our team - especially love the feedback on our customer support and dev team - we`ll continue to do out best. Now if we can only finish this massive patch this weekend...:)

selridion 02-03-2012 05:15 PM

you guys work in weekends as well ? :o

GPS51 02-03-2012 05:22 PM

They generally only put in 4-6 hour days on the weekends...slackers ;)

Joseph Visscher 02-03-2012 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by selridion (Post 69847)
you guys work in weekends as well ? :o

Week.....End? whats that? :confused:

Dreamwalker 02-03-2012 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher (Post 69852)
Week.....End? whats that? :confused:

I guess they haven't invented weekends in mythador yet...or in canada. :D

buddhist23 02-05-2012 05:13 PM

A lot of 10 ratings..for a game that isn't quite perfected yet. Shame to see bias.

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