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Sunleader 01-28-2012 07:54 AM

Wallmounted Archery
Actually Turrets have an Upgrade named Wallmounted Trebuchet
Orcs have Wallmounted Catapult and so on

Walls really need some more Appearance I think
So how about this

Put in a Research that is Named Man the Walls
With this a new Upgrade for Wall Segments and Palisade Towers Becomes Available
This would be

Wall Mounted Archer
Wall Mounted Crossbowmen
Wall Mounted Goblin Prowler
Wall Mounted Ranger
Wall Mounted ..... whatever Units each Race has ^^

Now the Effect would be that upon Buying the Upgrade (which can be bought Parallel to the Arrow Protection Upgrade) 3-5 Archers or whatever Unit was Selectet will be placed on that Wall Segment (number of course depending on Race and Unit 5 Goblins but only 3 Rangers for example)

This would not Only be a Great View but also Justify some more Str Gain from a Stone Wall
The Units on Wall would be like Normal Units with exception that just like Wall Mounted Trebs they have slightly Increased Range to Conter enemy Attacks effectively

The Effectiveness in Combat wont be that Great since even with Whole Wall Upgraded to that the actual Amount of Archers would be maybe 10 squads which cant change Position and not Assume Formations or other Special Actions

but for Support of other Units and most of all for the Gameplay Feeling in Town PvP this would Great


Joseph Visscher 01-28-2012 11:23 AM

You will be able to do this better in the coming months with your own units. right now having units on the walls looks pretty silly i know, later on they will align to the walls in proper orientation and possibly give every battalion a new submenu of buttons for multiple commands such as patrol the walls and other interesting features to make a battalion disband formation to man the walls and spread out over them.

We actually have a prototype testmap where you press a button and it tasks all your units to evenly align in a line along your walls, all around the layer of walls, but it needs work to properly work in a real game.

Sunleader 01-28-2012 12:25 PM

Squad Scattering to Patrol the Walls
This is Awesome *gg*

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