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Sunleader 01-22-2012 07:59 AM

Elite Units
Now then

We have Dragons
We have one Hero

So how about mixing this a Little
How about Adding some Elite Units which can be bought at the Shop but which arent a Squad of Men but one guy
which of course just like a Dragon has some Special Abilitys and will also just like a Dragon Die if being Killed above lvl 10

a Northern Berserker for Example
Having a Big Two Handed Battle Axe
And being about as Strong as the Hero

a Landsknecht (yes I know I am proud to be German so I like to suggest such Units ^^)
Wielding a Big Two Handed Blade

a Knight (maybe looking like the Guy used for Buying Ressources at the Town :P)

Well guess you know what I mean
pls note the Examples are just on my Part
of course if Implemented this should have some Orc Guys and Elven Guys as well
to be offering something for all Players and Races :P

selridion 01-22-2012 08:11 AM

tbh if your gona add loads of other "super units" or "elite units" and not put a cap on there usage wont they slowly replace the actual army's ?

i sorta like my simple swordsman / archers / knights and i rather see them grow more
maybe allow for your villagers to mine iron and then add "gear" to the game so you can equip your armys with armors / weapons you made in ur castle
it makes your simple units stronger, but if they die you loose more resources on them
+ it would make you able to customize your army's its looks a lil as well trough gear which would be fun

i wanna see huge battles of many troops bashing each others head in
not 3 giants and 4 giant snakes fighting 5 dragons and 2 ogre kings

Sunleader 01-22-2012 08:17 AM

The Idea is exactly to not have Super Units
means not a Big Dragon worth 15 points
but a Strong Battle Master worth 1 Point

Being at the Strengh of about the Hero
which means that he is actually weaker than most Squads at Same lvl
but will have abilitys to make Squads around him Fight Better and Heal

Right now its like you saw
guys go around with only Dragons and stuff since those are Super Strong
I want a Mix of Mass and Super Units
means small Guys with high Abilitys not costing much Manpower and increasing Battle Abilitys of the Normal Units
using Battle Cry, Mass Healing, Whirlwind and being a Tank usw
depending on the actual Unit

Means if someone would go in with 60 of those guys he would have an Incredible Kill rate since each of his guys would take out 10 of yours
but since you have 20 guys for each of his you would still win high time

best would be matchup of maybe 5 Hero Units each surrounded by 10 Squads of Units
leaving 5 Units for other stuff (Carts Siege Weapons)

something along this line :P

selridion 01-22-2012 08:27 AM

what you mean units like ogre's ?
instead of being a troop
condense it into a sole powerful unit ?

Sunleader 01-22-2012 08:36 AM

What I mean is some Unit like your Hero

A Single Person

Human Elv or Orc (maybe Dwarf or Nordic Barbar)

Which is like your Hero a Unit that has about 5 times the Health of a Squad but only a Quarter of a Squads Attack Power (Means he can take down a Squad by himself if Equal in level and not faced with Grandmaster or Knights which are specialiced for close Combat or if faced by an Melee Unit Supported by an Archer)

But he will have Abilitys like Battle Cry
increasing Damage of All Units around him
or Mass Heal healing all Units around him
or War Horn Scaring enemys Around him

Maybe could also work as Passiv Aura which makes Units Stronger just by being near him
could also be a Wizard having a Fireball abilitys but being Dead if forced to fight one Squad Close Combat

The Idea is to get Special Units which Increase your Whole Army Effectiveness instead of being Solo Powerhorses like a Dragon is

Maybe an Archer that can do half of the Damage a Whole Squad does while having halv of the whole Squads Hit Points
but making other Archers near him Fire Faster

An Guy with a Great Halberd which can Easily Take Down Cavalry Units with some Area Effect Ability
but will be Dead if faced with a Band of Knights or under Fire of Archers

A Berserker Dwarf with his Battle Axe being a Close Combat Expert Slaying even Knights easily and Weakening Enemys in range of him so they do less Damage
but not Dealing and taking all that much damage himself making him vulnearble unless surrounded by Heavy Infantry to Protect him

Such stuff is meant

selridion 01-22-2012 09:09 AM

well then we were thinking of the same thing originally
a general who empowers the armys around himself instead of being combat focused like the hero is
i suppose... :P
and i like this idea as well i already had something similar in mind myself

Dreamwalker 01-22-2012 12:21 PM

*cough cough* elven griffin rider *cough cough* ;)

Maybe like, a super elven assassin too?

Sunleader 01-22-2012 04:45 PM

As long as it brings some action to the Battles and stops the 4 Unit Monster Slaughtering of an 60 Squad Army ^^

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