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selridion 01-15-2012 05:40 PM

Some random bugs / things i encountered
While playing trough the game for the first time i encountered some odd stuff here and there


I dunno how it happened but i managed to confuse the camera view inside the game
it would not be in sync with the minimap and textures of rocks / scaffolding would only load up in the very bottom of the screen the middle and top of the screen would have them dissapear
after rebooting the game i have not noticed it to be still there might be cuz i cranked the settings to max


dunno if its intended but when i had a lightning storm in my castle it would just rain and once a while when i heard a thunder instead of a flash of light it would turn it to night for a fraction of a second then show lightning and then make it day again


iv noticed how sounds in the game do not seem to fade out when your camera is not ontop of it
its sorta very disorientating when u hear combat sounds but wherever you move your camera the sound stays at the same volume... so its hard to track were its coming from
iv had multiple times were i heard archers fire shots and having trouble finding which archer were shooting at what and were

Sound Volume:

also some sounds are very loud the horn and drum sounds which play at completing quests and such are very loud even with the sound volume on 1

iv had a fight end up igniting a forest which looked all cool and awesome but when the fire was done the trees started falling over.. my camera was on the other side of the map were the fight was going on but the constant sound of trees falling over in full glory was quite horrible

Unit behavior:

iv had many many issues with platoons of units buggering up in various ways

-when fighting near a ledge / cliff / rock after the fight ended half a platoon could get stuck inside textures while the other half was still controllable
in multiple situations it left me with a part of my army not doing anything or getting confused cuz of the other half of there platoon being stuck in a rock on the other side of the map

-i could make units move trough closed gates by moving them right in front of them
the platoons would push each other trough and once 1 or 2 units pushed themselves trough the gate i could open the gate without any siege weapons from the inside

-if workers were hurt the would refuse to do any job.. be it gathering or looting... they just don't do anything but stand around
only after healing them up they would function again but not 100% of the time

-moving units lags allot.. especially when controlling 20+ groups
they all start to path find and sometimes they get confused after or while the game is finding a path, then some platoons only move half there units or don't move at all
especially in a pvp match its quite horrible and takes away allot of the fun due lack of proper control over your army due the laggyness and units there unresponsiveness

-another worker bug i noticed is that when i tell my workers to harvest fields near my mill
they decide that the berry bush which is a bit further away is more appealing and half of the time they all run towards it and start harvesting it instead

-iv also had workers get stuck in looting horse corpses in the mission for the humans were you get knighted and have to flank a siege on a keep
you didn't gain anything from it but they would just sit there endlessly trying to loot the same corpse


when i upgraded my supply in my town hall as a human instead of going up it went down by 300
after re-logging it was corrected
iv also had the game tell me my supply was full a bunch of times while it was only halfway full or so


as a human playing on the forest map 1 of my palisade towers near the south farm had its stair on the outside + i had trouble with getting units to move onto some of the other palisade towers i could not get the way-point flag to appear on them

i also find it hard to know when units are being healed by a well or not
its also hard to get a large army healed up cuz you gotta move every platoon individually to the well if u move 10 or so platoons all at once they spread out all over your base
it be nice if you could select the well and see a radius of effect appear or something

thats about it i probably forgot some stuff and im guessing a big part of what iv mentioned is probably already known or me being a idiot :p
hope some if it was useful anyways

Joseph Visscher 01-15-2012 06:06 PM

good list selridion, we will be working on these issues but gameplay breaking and major optimization before all else. A few of them i see will be fixed next patch such as:
" -if workers were hurt the would refuse to do any job.. be it gathering or looting... they just don't do anything but stand around
only after healing them up they would function again but not 100% of the time"

selridion 01-16-2012 12:49 PM

after playing some more i noticed you can do more then just move units trough doors...
i managed to make half a platoon walk trough a palisade wall

i also managed to get about a whole platoon stuck inside a mountain because units ignore unpasseble terrain when there in combat

i couldn't help thinking that these problems + the lag related issues when u move allot of units together are somewhat related somewhere

i dont know if there "gamebreaking"
but they are issues which in many situations frustrate me allot as a player

when your playing a epic pvp battle you wanna be smoothly controlling your army with accuracy
having units getting stuck / not responding / refusing to enter towers / walking ways they shouldn't, and while doing all that your lagging heavily due the many movement commands you issue (cuz every time you move a platoon it starts to pathfind which lags the game for some reason)
it just turns the game into Me fighting with the controls instead of me fighting my enemy

now i dont know if i am the only one with these issues or if its a global problem
and i dont wanna sound like a old nag
but from my point of view as a player this is the main problem i found so far which really feels gamebreaking, it might not crash the game or 1shot armies but it takes away allot of fun i would be having

Konstantin Fomenko 01-16-2012 02:15 PM


Great feedback! We appreciate the time you put into your post.

And as you have guessed most of these issues are related - they are pathfinding system issues. In fact we are working on a brand new pathfinding system that will not only resolve issues you have mentioned but make unit behavior much much better - which will greatly help in PvP battles.

Welcome to DoF - and hope the WIP status of some pathfinding and GUI elements doesn`t scare off - we hope to have all of this fixed in the next several weeks.

selridion 01-16-2012 03:32 PM

well the reason i posted this post = cuz i noticed feedback actually gets answered / read
i mean if there is anything i appreciate it would be dev's taking there customers serious

its nice to see that you guys are working on it, cant w8 to try out combat without the pathfinding lag

ill be sure to post anything i notice while i play more of the game

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