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Thandor 12-30-2011 04:32 PM

No Ingame chat ability
I hope I'm not an idoit, but I don't have the ability to chat in game. I can't even type /help.
please help.

Joseph Visscher 12-31-2011 11:24 AM

So when you click the lower bar it doesn't do anything? If so heres a few questions:

Do other hotkeys ingame work? Such as WSAD for panning camera or arrow keys to rotate it around, if none of these work then somehow the game is not detecting your keyboard properly and please post what keyboard it exactly is.

You are sliding the chat bar out and then left clicking on the lowest bar of that window before typing a message in their?

I will get our interface programmer to contact you about this.

Thandor 12-31-2011 08:49 PM

no chat
Nevermind I am a idoit. lol god do I feel stupid. I have chat. didn't notice the botom bar where type tried to type in chat area.

knightl 01-01-2012 01:28 AM


Originally Posted by Thandor (Post 68229)
Nevermind I am a idoit. lol god do I feel stupid. I have chat. didn't notice the botom bar where type tried to type in chat area.

lol no problem it seems a few people are doing the same thing :)

Joseph Visscher 01-01-2012 11:49 AM

We should create a "TYPE HERE" that is on the bottom bar that disappears when you click on that bottom bar.

Neinth 01-01-2012 01:21 PM

This made me smile :> I had actually considered asking if he was using the box to type in,have found myself typeing in the chat area myself,which doesnt work so good

Dreamwalker 01-01-2012 04:05 PM

LOL!!!! :D

I did the same thing, thought for months that I had a terrible chat bug (and reported it many, many times). Imagine my surprise when I found out I was just typing in the wrong spot...:o .

Joseph Visscher 01-01-2012 08:58 PM



K we need something for this then lol.

knightl 01-01-2012 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher (Post 68280)


K we need something for this then lol.

just make a quest right at the start where it circles the parts of hud like the resources name them then the chat bar it shouldn't require too much work but would save the hassles

Neinth 01-01-2012 10:18 PM

I think maybe changeing the color of the box to type in to a different color so it stands out a bit more may help.the green of it sort of gets hiden in the grass and trees.The texture pattern may not be helping the issue,i know in the swamp it sort of camoflages it.

Would say to make chat area not selectable,but sometimes i like to copy non-english sentences and use a translator and talk to some of them.

I'd think removing that image in the background,and possibly darkening the transparent part would help alot

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