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ThatguyAds1298 12-08-2011 06:07 AM

Price of war : Prologue
Price of war : Prologue

Mythador, A land now ravaged by war and death. As factions fight for their homes, glory and sometimes even for the thrill of bloodlust. It is a dark time for Mythador as armies fight and die for their lords and kings in what seems like a war that may never truly end. Many battlefields and bloody grounds now litter the landscape one in particular however deep within The Wold is disturbed by a faint movement..

The stranger made her way through the battlefield her heavy cloak covering her entire body as she moved, She knew of the cost of war as her own family and friends were taken by it. In her grief she blamed on not those orcs who commited the act but rather on those who do nothing to stop the cycle of death throughout the land. She knelt gently and looked at the vast bloody surroundings, Such an awful sight and yet she felt nothing for them except anger at their lords and kings, It had to stop.

She closed her eyes gently in thought, The massacre at her sect's tower was a horrid memory, Her sect's members gave much more then they got however but they were indeed a peaceful people whos only desire in life was to...

The stranger suddenly flung off her cloak revealing her decorated robes in fine gold and red silk, She was a young elf and yet her face was that of determination. Some would say she was beautiful if not for her frown. Her long brown hair swayed a little in the breeze as she held out her hand and muttered under her breath as the surrounding area begin to get hotter and humid suddenly exploding in flames as the battlefield began to burn.

Yes their only desire in life was to study the ancient arts of magic.

The stranger snapped her hand back as the flames vanished as quickly as they had arrived leaving scorched grass and nothing remaining of the battlefields sickening sights. She looked over the charred ground.

'I am.. sorry for burning you Mythador, However this must...stop and i am afraid much more is yet to come' - The stranger

Yes it must stop. An she knew exactly how she would do it.. She looked up at the towering and forboding mountains of Sssilistra. Yes.. she knew what had to be done. An if the legend among her people was indeed true the people of Mythador will cry for mercy and forgiveness should she succeed.

Upon the peak of one of the mountains of Sssilistra a large dragon watches from above, His eyes fixed upon the stranger as she weilds her magic to burn.

It seemed the time had come...

Been wanting to write something new for a while, I had planned for this to be a big story but depends if i get time, So sorry if updates arnt as regular as id hope. This is just a small taste of what i was planning. (This is just a fan story by the way)

andreicde 12-08-2011 07:05 AM

nice start adam!

Dreamwalker 12-08-2011 04:17 PM

Cool! Be interesting to see what happens. :)

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