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Sunleader 12-06-2011 06:33 AM

Goblin Raids
For some reason it Seems that Goblins can move trough Walls and other Places at the moment.

I dont know if that is a Bug or an Feature of Goblins

However it is very Troubling
As there seems to be no Position Set (means Units can move within each other)

They not only move trough the Gate itself which would in some way be acceptable as they are small
they should not be able to move trough defending Units

But right now they simply run all the way in and cant be stopped at all
which will usually make Trebuchets useless as they would destroy your own stuff far more then enemys and on top you cant protect peasants or other things since Goblin simply ignore everything and move where they want.

also this is crazily increasing their Combat Ability
if 10 units of Goblins fight against 10 units of Knights the Knights will lose because the Goblins stand within each other basicly fighting 10 goblins against 3 knights and then move against the next unit since Knights cant fight within each other

I would recomment to either disable this Feature till they no longer run trough anything but then truly only trough walls
or readjust the feature
so that they can for example scale walls (they can climb) but cannot move down without ramp (jumping would be suicide)
however cant move trough a Gate since its shut.


ah if it is a Bug I would of course expect this to be fixed

szebus 12-06-2011 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by Sunleader (Post 67013)
For some reason it Seems that Goblins can move trough Walls and other Places at the moment.

I dont know if that is a Bug or an Feature of Goblins ...

I heard that before and I'm sure it was posted somewhere on the forum. It is a bug if I remember it correctly, but it should be as there are no units in the game with the noclip ability.

Sunleader 12-06-2011 07:42 AM

I tought of it as a Bug
as there is no special grafik or anything

also if this was an ability it should be an true ability showing the Goblin somehow moving accross

but well
As long as I have no Official Statement for this I wont consider it a Bug

after all the Orc Player who challenged me
said its meant to be as Goblins are Small and can Find their Way trough.


Konstantin Fomenko 12-06-2011 11:48 AM

This is a bug yeah, we`ll try to look into this today.

However keep in mind - if the gate was still open when goblins were tasked to run through it, they`ll run through it - even once it`s closed - this is an old pathfinding bug - that we won`t fix - since new pathfinding system will automatically fix this.

Sunleader 12-06-2011 02:40 PM

So basicly I just need to Close my Gate BEFORE my Enemy is on Map
and this will stop em from coming trough ?

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