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Dreamwalker 11-13-2011 05:24 PM

Some Quick Tips
From seeing some of the questions on chat, I'd thought I give a few general tips to all you noobs out there. ;)

1. Wealth/Influence: It's the same thing. You get it from completing quests and doing PvP; you use it to research technologies, build walls and towers, and buy all kinds of goodies form the market (right now, it's pretty much just cool units; but more stuff will be added as time goes by). And yes, you can buy wealth with real money through the in-game store; but if you're worring, don't, because anything you can pay money for you can get just as easily through playing (and don't worry about somebody buying a bunch of dragons to kill you with, cause you only fight players of your own strength).

2. Buildings: Humans build on plots and elves build in trees, so neither have a whole lot of options for where you place the stuff; just click on the plot/tree and build away (houses are different, since you buy them from the town hall/settlement; you still can't choose where to put them, though). The orcs build like most RTSes, using thier Laborers to build buildings pretty much where ever.

3. Quests: See those guys with question/exclamation points above their heads? You talk to them to get/advance quests. And no, right now the quests never end, they loop once you reach a certain point; but new quests will be added as new content.

4. Dragons: If your enemy has a dragon, don't freak out. If you check the market, yes, even the cheapest ones cost tons of wealth. Your enemy probably spent a lot of time saving up for that, especcially if they have a royal dragon. They're probably also really disappointed, because right now, dragons suck. True, even green dragons are stronger than any normal units, but they are not worth the huge cost. If you have a dragon, don't worry about it dying; a recent patch lets dragons be reborn at your homeland after the battle.

5. Economy: Each race is different. Humans and orcs both need drop-off points for the resources, and have livestock they can kill for food; but humans can farm, and orcs hunt. The elves, now, are a bit different: no drop-off points, no tree choping, no livestock, no farming, and no hunting. A wood trickle is provided by forest spirits; food can be gathered from berry bushes, and is also trickled by having deer (but not by killing them); gold and stone are both mined like the other races, though unicorns also provide a gold trickle after research.

6. Technology: To make your town and your armies more effective, you need to do some research. Technologies cost wealth, so don't go crazy on research when you need some new walls; but they are very helpful. To unlock many abilities and units (fire arrows, elven mounted units, some sieges weapons) you need technologies.

7. Walls: Yes, they cost wealth. Yes, they also cost a lot of stone (or wood). But they're worth it. If all the stone is a bit much, build some palisade walls (of course, if you're going to get stone walls right after, it's a bit of a waste). Also, walls of all races can be upgraded with towers and special defences; don't ignore this.

8. PvP: It's not that scary. New players won't be attacked for a bit. And you only fight armies of your own strength, anyway, so you won't get mobbed by massive armies until you have a massive army. And by the way, PvP sieges arn't in yet, but probably will be by next week; again, don't worry, your town doesn't get destroyed-it's more of a raiding and pillaging thing, where the enemy gets a lot of loot but leaves you alone after that, maybe even with a lot of your buildings left intact (but your buildings won't be destroyed anyway, just reduced to 1 health).

Hope this answers some questions for new players and new players to be!:D

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