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chanman20 10-28-2011 12:34 AM

yay another bug....
soo yet again i attacking a npc city and i went to use a bolt thrower and i clicked the attack ground now it became out of sync with my screen and the circle was almost off my screen then after that it wouldn't let me click and units or move them just that damn circle this is the 3rd time its happend i made a thread about it before but no devs posted in it so i hope this one gets helped... heres the end of my log
LOGONLY: Learn To Care: State 2
LOGONLY: Nhoblio Refugees: State 4
Name Offset=71
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.RemoveQuest(questGiver=Borinthas,questNam e=Sing True, Strike True,displayName=Sing True, Strike True)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.AddQuest(questGiver=Borinthas,questName=S ing True, Strike True,name=wm_IllasTiltos,x=nil,y=nil,type=none)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.RemoveQuest(questGiver=Borinthas,questNam e=Sing True, Strike True,displayName=nil)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.SetNextBattalionIDs(playerID=1, ids=[118|119|120|121|122|123|124|125|126|127|128|129|13 0|131|132])
LOGONLY: Scn CallBack.SetResourceCap(playerID=1, resourceCap=5110)
LOGONLY: Playing Sound Sound/vo/elf/worldmap/army_lose_2.ogg For Player 1
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.RemoveQuest(questGiver=Nothras,questName= Defending Your Homeland,displayName=Defending Your Homeland)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.SetNextBattalionIDs(playerID=1, ids=[133|134|135|136|137|138|139|140|141|142|143|144|14 5|146|147])
Attempt to access Button that no longer exists on line 63 in Resource/Interface/InGame/GUI/UnitDetailsWindow.fus
in handleized function OnMouseClick defined on line 40 in script "Resource/Interface/InGame/InGameMain.fus"

LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.SetArmyAttribute(armyID=3,attrName=streng th,newValue=218.26)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.SetArmyAttribute(armyID=1,attrName=streng th,newValue=96.407)
Attempt to compare Number with Nil on line 818 in Resource/Interface/GameMain.fus

LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.SetArmyAttribute(armyID=1,attrName=streng th,newValue=128.41)
Name Offset=71
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.WorldMapClosed(name=nil, x=nil, y=nil, noFade=nil)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.WorldMapOpened(name=nil, x=nil, y=nil, noFade=nil)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.ExitingScenario(playerID=1)
LOGONLY: WorldMap Initialized!
LOGONLY: CallBack.OnAppExit()
writing 515 generic_units @13649
writing 180 workers @32193
send_save_home_city_inner 41876
Online ShutDown
Starting Raster TakeDown
Sfx's Destroyed
Pack Manager Destroyed
Lua Closed

now its just annoying cause i have to pay off to end it so im losing high up units plus my gold and stone...

Jarno Montonen 10-28-2011 03:31 AM

Hey, thanks for the report. We'll look at it.

chanman20 10-28-2011 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by Jarno Montonen (Post 65218)
Hey, thanks for the report. We'll look at it.

thank you sorry if i came off as a jerk lol just last thread i made about it no one answered :D

Konstantin Fomenko 10-30-2011 01:29 PM

To update - we`ve created a preventative fix that will be release in the 1.1.0 patch on Wednesday. Thanks again for a great bug report and posting your log!

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