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Joseph Visscher 01-03-2009 12:15 AM

Media: unit stat information
Screenshots and new media is delayed, so I'm posting up some information on our RPG style stats for all of our units in our game instead.

All information in this thread may change over time, it is to be considered unofficial and incomplete due to the likelihood of new values added and edited in the near future.

This thread is about giving some new information about the game to our fans of dawn of fantasy.

Unit Stats:
Unconfirmed Stats have “*”, more “*” means it is unlikely to be in the game.

Unit stats are much like in other RPG games, they consist of the units’ attributes that include:

Health/Hitpoints: The unit’s Health, when it reaches zero it usually dies. Some units slowly regenerate their health over time. There are also other ways to heal your units.

Speed: The speed of the unit in movement including but not limiting to walking and running.

Stamina: Most units can change speed from walking to running, running slowly drains stamina from your units, when the stamina runs out, they must walk, or stop to rest and let their stamina restore itself over time.
Most unit abilities require a certain amount of stamina to activate, other abilities drain stamina at a faster rate; other abilities change stats.

Sight/View: The line of sight and or distance the units' can see, and thereby the distance you can see. The height of the unit can effect the line of sight the units' see.

Attack: The unit’s chance of damaging it’s victim on each strike, if the unit’s defense is high the victim will counter and block the attack causing little or no damage.
The unit can not attack or strike at another unit while itself is being hit/attacked by other enemies; instead it will go in defense and attempt to block the enemy strikes.

Defense: The unit’s chance of dodging or countering an attacking enemy (projectiles exempt, if it hits, it hits.). A successful counter will result in little or zero damage and a chance to strike back if not immediately attacked by another enemy.

Damage/Strength: The unit’s Strength is the damage it is capable of inflicting on a successful attack on it’s victim, a counter to the damage is the amount and type of armor the victim has.

Armor: The unit’s Armor is the outer protection of the unit that protects the unit from damage types such as: Struck, Crushed, Slashed, Stabbed, Pierced/Penetrated by projectiles, Burned, Frozen, Electrocuted, or bombarded by Magical Energy.
The amount of damage your units’ take on an unsuccessful block will depend on the armor rating of your units.

Range: The maximum distance that units can launch projectiles, such as archers and trebuchets. The height of the range unit comparison to the targets’ height can evaluated effect the range of the unit.

********Intelligence********: The unit’s overall intelligence.

***** Agility*****: The units’ overall Agility skills to get over and through difficult obstacles.

*Fortitude*: The units’ overall emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, and danger, ( how much damage and defense will he have if he is fighting alone with endless hordes of enemies?)

**Will**: The units’ ability to preserve confidence and restore Fortitude.

Leveling up units:
In Dawn of Fantasy almost all of our units gain experience which builds up skill which can then be spent to rank them up and improve a stats of your choice along with a boost in overall Health/Hitpoints.
Units gain experience when ever they do something successfully, such as successfully strike a enemy unit, this will then add to the unit's overall experience, when your experience level reaches a point that unit will be given a skill to spend improving a stat or unlock an ability.

The Armory: There will be plenty of upgrades and things that you can research that will upgrade you units' stats such as better armor or weapons for more damage.
Pardon me for any grammar mistakes I'm in a bit of a hurry.

MrBlack103 01-03-2009 01:35 AM

Sounds great:D

Generation 01-03-2009 02:59 AM

sounds good but how many levels are there total because in lotr battle for middle earth the max level was 10

Joseph Visscher 01-03-2009 10:41 AM

We have not actually set a maximum level yet, it will be much higher then 10, more like 100 seen as this will be a mmorts with rpg style attrabutes, we need something to contrast a expert player from the new players besides skill right? :)

Look at the movie "300", I know its fake, but its moral is correct, well trained and experienced personal will always outdo unexperienced personal.
take for example, 100,000,000 monkeys with 100,000,000 type writers will still not create any writing as good as any of William Shakespeare's writings.

Especially when I don't give them any paper. lol :p

Andy Joslin 01-03-2009 10:44 AM

However, a level 10 unit won't be more than about 20-40% stronger than its low-level counterpart.

Puppeteer 01-03-2009 11:59 AM


Most unit abilities require a curtain
And where can said 'curtain' be found?
Jokes aside, sounds fandabbydoozy. Not too sure as to whether Agility is strictly necessary. The Intelligence sounds promising though, for example you might expect Orcs and Goblins to autoacquire any enemy and try to hack it down, no matter their chance of success, whereas a Paladin would be more cautious of said action. Though, if you commanded him to do it, he'd be screwed.

The Witch King of Angmar 01-03-2009 12:13 PM

Sounds great. I wonder if Intelligence will help in combat from knowing when to attack or defend.

MrBlack103 01-03-2009 09:15 PM

Not sure how you guys have worked it out, but I reckon intelligence should count towards units making "smart" decisions in combat and so there is less micro needed. It could also affect pathfinding in new territory or somthing...

Esculas the Mighty 01-03-2009 09:39 PM


Originally Posted by MrBlack103 (Post 11104)
Not sure how you guys have worked it out, but I reckon intelligence should count towards units making "smart" decisions in combat and so there is less micro needed. It could also affect pathfinding in new territory or somthing...

i hope it has something to do with cooperation with other men in its battalion

for example

units A and B are allied intelligent units

unit C is an powerful enemy unit

units A and C are doing battle and A is going to lose

unit B comes to help unit A

*due to intelligence unit A assumes a totally defensive stance taking no damage and giving none while unit B on the other hand goes all out on unit C*

and if unit C decides to switch his target unit A and B switch rolls

other factors may come into play like unit C being to powerful to be blocked for long but this is just an example

Feweh 01-03-2009 10:35 PM

Sounds good.

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