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ThatguyAds1298 10-14-2011 05:23 PM

Thagurz's Tale
Thagurz's Tale

The breeze swept through the trees of Thikken Dal as the sky rumbled in anticipation of a storm, Ral Nistro's walls could be seen in the distance as the orc known as Thagurz labored away with the other workers, Chopping trees and molding the wood into logs at the sawmill. Thagurz looked up at a sudden sound of anger, Another fight had broken out between the workers. This was not uncommon out here as Thagurz smirked and watched for a moment before carrying another load of wood to the storage hut. The orcs here were restless and it grew by the day, Perhaps it was because they were so close to human and elf lands Thagurz thought with the threat of a raid or bandits.

Thagurz himself did not have much trouble with fights however, He was a large orc and therefor had little worry unless an orc had a sudden moment of madness and attacked him. Deep down this displeased him as a good fight was always good to test ones self should bandits arrive. He looked up at Ral Nistro as the torches flickered in the distance, It was getting dark and soon it would be time to head back and rest.

As Thagurz began to make his way to the rough dirt path with the other orcs he noticed some soldiers from Ral Nistro approaching. An orc walked among them that he did not recognise. The soldiers pointed at his group and made their way over.

'Line up you lot! Good news, Some of you may be getting out of this pit today!' Orc soldier.

The orc Thagurz did not recognise the approaching stranger as he and his fellows lined up as ordered, The newcomer orc carefully walked along the line pausing at Thagurz a moment before he carried on reaching the end nodding to himself.

'I am Gomlashgar, Chief of a distant tribe. I have need of a good strong orc in my village. We do not tolerate trouble in my village and we respect hard work.' - Gomlashgar

It seemed to Thagurz that the orc was only talking to him by the way he locked eye contact, A strange thing but then with an orc of Thagurz's size he probably looked worthy to labor in any tribal village. Gomlashgar turned to the soldiers obviously satisfied and nodded to them pulling out a bag of what would be to Thagurz's guess gold.

'I will take the big one, What is his name?' - Gomlashgar

The soldier quickly took the pouch as the other with a growl snatched the tools from Thagurz's hands and shoved him forward earning a dangerous grunt from Thagurz.

'He is called Thagurz chief, He will serve you well and if he doesnt well you could always feed him to the wargs! He would no doubt make a decent meal ha!' - Orc Soldier

Thagurz clenched his fist in anger at his side, Oh how he hated that orc. he had almost dared him to face himin a battle but the soldier would never agree to lay down his gear and fight on equal terms. He was a coward that made Thagurz sick, An orc should be so much different yet his people were turning into something worse. Thagurz often considered this and each time it make him tremble with anger.

'Come, Come my friend it is time to leave for Brakental. A long journey indeed but you will find my village most acceptable to work in' - Gomlashgar

It only just dawned on Thagurz that he had been sold, Not that it did matter to him. The way Gomlashgar looked at him told him much, he could see in the orcs eyes that his tribe was a peaceful one. This could mean that Thagurz would spend his days in the company of weak orcs with no honor or strength in battle. Thagurz buried his doubts and made his way to the waiting line of wargs, A few riding ones and many smaller ones carrying packs of supplies most likely what the chief had come here to trade for.

Weeks later after a long and twisting journey...

At last the village came in sight in the distance, This desert was a maze of sand to Thagurz and he was confused as to how Gomlashgar managed to navigate it so well. Was he begining to show a little respect for this orc? No he shouldnt as he was heading to a village that probably hasnt seen battle in decades but then how long had it been since Thagurz had been in battle? He shuddered. Thagurz however despite being a mere laborer was a proud orc and this enviorment was far below him.

They rode together into the village as every orc they passed saluted to the chief. Thagurz saw the same thing in their eyes as he saw in Gomlashgar's, Weakness. Being so far from the border to elf and human lands had weakened these orcs into nothing despite the rough terrain and enviroment. They approached one of the wooden huts and dismounted as Thagurz was shown where he would be needed. It would seem he was to mine gold for the tribe.

Thagurs was about to start his work when he noticed the chief had not moved. he just stared at him for a moment then began to speak.

'Before you begin Thagurz, Tell me something.. Do you truly believe our tribe so beneath you? Yes.. yes i can see the answer in the way you move and the way you look at my fellow tribesmen. Very well, Come and see me after your shift and i shall show you we are not so helpless' - Gomlashgar

Was that a challenge? Thagurz was not sure but it would be wise to seek him out incase it was. Thagurz was eager to fight again as it had been so long. There was something about this orc however, Something different that he could not quite pin down in his mind. He swiftly swung his mining pick around and began his work in troubled thoughts.

As the evening set in Thagurz finished his shift as another weak looking orc came to relieve him, He simply gave him the pick abnd left without a word as the orc looked at him in confusion. Thagurz made his way through the small village huts towards the great hut until suddenly he felt the slight sting of cold steel against his back.

'I could have killed you there and then Thagurz, You are like a human pig for slaughter despite your size. Come, take this blade and let us see what you can do.' - Gomlashgor

Thagurz swung around in a rage grabbing the blade from the chieftans hand and swung at him in swift arks. the chieftan simply dodged and parried with his own blade then swung a lightning fast attack that knocked Thagurz's blade to the side as Gomlashgor's fist smashes against Thagurz's cheek. Pain rushed through Thagurz as he roared with fury.

'Hmm, Not good Thagurz. What do you think of this 'peace loving chieftan' Now? You have the potential to be great Thagurz and yet you attack like a brute, Your slow and heavy. I can teach you otherwise...' - Gomlashgar

Still in a rage Thagurz attacked again with all his strength as their blades clashed once more, The other orcs in the village didnt seem to even be taking any notice as they fought. Again and again Thagurz was defeated with Gomlashgar's blade at his throat until finally Thagurz was spent his energy gone, He slumped a little only to have his legs brought from under him as he crashed to the floor as the chieftans blade descended upon him only to stop above his chest.

'So much potential Thagurz.. As i said you could be a mighty warrior if you used your brain and not your muscles. Hm, i may be wasting my time with you but i will train you.' - Gomlashgar

Thagurz's hatred for Gomlashgar did not sate as the months went by, He worked all day as he mined and then went for training. Each time this training commenced his hatred grew, This anger at the chief was hard to understand at first but in time Thagurz learned that it was becuase this peace loving Chief could beat him in combat. What kind of orc did that make Thagurz? Gomlashgar insulted him everytime he bested Thagurz in battle.

One fateful day however, many months after Thagurz's first arrival his time had come, Gomlashgar had made a fatal mistake that Thagurz would not soon forget and that was that he taught Thagurz everything he knew. As they parried Thagurz began to understand more and more. His hatred for this orc was like a fire but he could not deny the grudging respect that was starting to form.

Thagurz suddenly struck out at the chief in a lightning fast assault of blows as Gomlashgar stepped back as he tried to deflect, As Thagurz saw his chance, He quickly brought his knee to the Orcs stomach and knocked the blade from his hand. His hand found Gomlashgar's throat as Thagurz growled.

'Now Thagurz... Now you are a warrior... Now you have what it takes to seek out what you desire, There is a warg waiting for you at the edge of the vilage and a small camp to the north. Defeat the chief there and prove your strength. Claim them as your own and forge your own path.' - Gomlashgar

The large orc released Gomlashgar in shock and stepped back, Only one word passed his lips.

'Why?!' - Thagurz

Gomlashgar stood up and looked Thagurz directly in the eyes and for the first time Thagurz did not see weakness but a burning warriors spirit.

'Because it is the orc way Thagurz, Many of our people have lost their way and perhaps it is time for them to be reminded what it is to be orc? To make the tribes proud again? However.. Know this and remember Thagurz.. THINK before you act.. If you forget this.. then know that i will do all i can to remind you.. Now go.' - Gomlashgar

Thagurz simply nodded, Oh how he hated that orc and yet his words echo'd in his mind for a moment, He made his way to the warg at the edge of the village and mounted. It was time for him to claim his destiny and he knew exactly what path he should take. he would bring the orc tribes out of their stupor, He would bring them back to the days of glorious battle and make them see. Gomlashgar's words faded into nothing as he rode hard toward the orc camp.

Gomlashgar watched Thagurz leave with a sigh, He was a good worker but he believed this orc could bring something back to the orc people that had been lost for a long time. he only wished and hoped that he would heed his last words of advice, if not he may have just released a very dangerous threat.

'Time of change is coming my tribe, We all must be ready when it arrives. Be ready...' - Gomlashgar aka 'The General' Chieftan of the Bloodied Eye Tribe.

Gromgorgan made his way through the twisting sands of the Brakental desert until he saw it, The village he had been told about. The home of the Bloodied Eye tribe, HIS new tribe, he pulled out his sword and marched towards the village...

The End

Dreamwalker 10-14-2011 05:32 PM

Whoa! Awsome story! :D

And we finally know who the General is!!!

andreicde 10-14-2011 06:04 PM

amazing! Sounds really good adam!

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