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artslayer 10-13-2011 02:29 PM

Client Mismatch
Client said it was 1.0.6 and got an incorrect version notice, signed in as administrator and the client updated to beta 1.7.3 B, server down.

In addition, screens go to black, quests stuck in scene, choppy display, crashes to desktop in various places in various times, and can no longer get into any pvp (ctrl+alt+delete -> kill) when server was up.

9800gt 1gb card goes from 83% usage and drops to 0-10% and stays there, back up and down until game crashes. Im on xp pro, 9850 amd quad, 4gb (3.25) memory, MSI 785GTM-E45 mobo with 3 drives on a 700w corsair psu.

PC is free of malware, fully updated drivers with all patched with non overclocked settings on a 10mb down net connection.

Just noticed the additional patching so hopefully it will be fixed before reply.

Update: Login and stuck on load screen and in background hear trees falling and armies dying lol. I'm giving up and check in a couple weeks.

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