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Dalizon 10-10-2011 12:14 PM

Camps Resouces And Income
In game name Dalizon, all races all areas played thus far.

I like to put my peasants laborers of wardens into camps out in the world map to gather materials.

It seems that every time I do so, I cannot log out, becasue 2 things will happen, the camp will stop generating materials until you go in there and redo 1 worker, then it resets all the income and it starts again.

The other thing, is the materials gathered just strait out dissapear when you log out, ti all goes down to 0, so if the server ever crashed and there was lets say 3000 wood in a camp, then that 3000 wood is just vanished into nothing.

Also, the camps do not generate materials when alt tabbed.

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