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woody8917 10-05-2011 07:40 AM

Dark Souls
So did anyone else get this game yet? just wondering, i went and got it the other day but havent played it yet (school gets in the way lol). I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts about the game were and if you played Demon Souls how does it compare to that game? (yes i know Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demons Souls).
Ill hit it up later today, hmm i wonder if you can also play with friends in this one?

got on PS3.

Valkyrie 10-05-2011 09:41 AM

never heard of it, but i'll look it up :)

Mark Ashton 10-05-2011 09:44 AM

yea demons souls was really good looking forward to getting my hands on dark souls, As far as i'm aware its the same type of interaction with the community as the last.

woody8917 10-05-2011 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 62088)
never heard of it, but i'll look it up :)

If you like HARDCORE hack and slash you should like Dark Souls man. When i say hardcore, i mean hardcore. The motto to the game is: prepare to die, when you die (in the first game) you lost all of your souls (buy upgrades, Items, Weapons, Upgrade your character with them) so you would have to fight your way back to your blood stain and get them back but if you died again on the way to them, then they would be lost forever.

I would like a invite a friend system added if that is not in this one, still havent played it today yet, but when i do ill give my 2 cents on the first hour or so.
OMG i suck at this game lol, i cant get past the first boss or how to aviod him. O well like i said the motto of the game is: Prepare to Die.
one thought on the CE version of the game, kinda sucks you have to download the mini-guide instead of puting it in with the game. Ill try to get past the boss now.

woody8917 10-05-2011 09:10 PM

All right i said i would come back and give you guys my 2 cents about this game and here it is, but first a link to the game for people that want to know more about it: As the game is quite bloody dont forge your age on that site if your NOT of age.
None of what i will speak of is story related in anyway, everything i talk about is the basics of the game. So no warning is needed.

For the people that have played DEMON SOULS you will find that Dark Souls has the same exact interface layout, might have one or two new adds but thats it. You will also see that the classes you can choose are the same, they have the norm like Warrior and Knight but now they have (to say two) Pyromancer and Deprived(hardcore players only). Also, upon making your new character you can also choose a GIFT to take on your adventure into the dark souls world, stuff like a Ring or a Binoculars but i wont say what they can or cant do (not sure myself for some of them, ok the Bino's you know what they do lol).

The tutorial area in this game is not hard in anyway, so its a good area to get the hang of combat (players of Demon Souls wont need this though b/c combat is the same) this area will tell you what you need to know then after that you will have to figure the rest out on your own (this game does not hold your hand or baby you in anyway, not that ive seen yet but i doubt it will).

What i can tell you after the tutorial area is, if the enemies are just very god like then you either have gone the wrong way or you are not putting in the attribute points in the right areas for your class build in which case could mean you have a very tough road ahead of you. But there are some enemies in the beginning areas that are MEANT to be AVOIDED for later in the game, but at the same time these enemies can be defeated with a long (20 min plus) fight to get some items early in the game that will be of great help. Even though i have played the game for 2 plus hours i have not even beaten the first area in the game or have come close to it, this will be a long bloody tough road of a game to play and even worse to beat (New Game + HARDER).

Things that are different in Dark Souls, Besides the GIFT and Classes you can choose at the beginning of the game i have seen a few (in my opinion) improvments. There are BONFIRES scattered around the Dark Souls world that you use to replenish health, level up and do other things at but if you use a Bonfire then the enemies in that area come back to life so you will have to fight them again (meaning you can get souls to level up in this game easier then in Demon Souls). You will also see that you will have a health bottle that has charges and everytime you use the bottle a charge depletes, you refill this bottle at the Bonfire, so that is how you restore your health in the game, besides using the Bonfires. The number of charges that this bottle holds can be increased but that is talked about in game so i wont say (not hard at all to get the increases). That is as far as i have gotten in the game, im sure their are more new features to come but hopfully this has peaked some of your interests for this game and will give it a look at.

One last thing, This game is way more beginner friendly, then demon souls, so dont let what i have said scare you off, do check the game out if it sounds like a game you would like.
I am no expert but i do have THE GUIDE (lol) so ask me any Q's and i will tell you what i can, also i do not believe any of what i have said to be SPOILERS as nothing i have said relates to, exposes or talks about the story of the game or anything other then the basics of the game. So that is way i have not put a warning in the title of this post or title of this thread.

Valkyrie 10-06-2011 07:36 AM

is this game much the Hunted: the demons forge?

couse that game was pretty good imo, tho it was made for 2 player Co-op

woody8917 10-06-2011 08:47 AM

Spoilers if you click on the link

Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 62392)
is this game much the Hunted: the demons forge?

couse that game was pretty good imo, tho it was made for 2 player Co-op

Heres a Lets Play of Dark Souls, This is the second part of this guys lets play so you wiil NOT see the beginning of the story or the intro to the game. But you will see gameplay of the tutorial level, along with some game mechanics, to see if this game is like Hunted: Demon Forge, i have not played that game.

Small Spoilers of Dark Souls if you click this link.

If you choose to watch further parts of his lets play you will see more and more gamplay, but aslo story and first boss fight, so thats up to you.

Mark Ashton 10-06-2011 12:58 PM

thats too much text for me to read woody :) but I know the game will just be awesome, mine just dispatched today.

woody8917 10-06-2011 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by Mark Ashton (Post 62457)
thats too much text for me to read woody :) but I know the game will just be awesome, mine just dispatched today.

ya i know lol, it turned into a mini-review then just my 2 cents about the beginning parts of the game lol. But if you like Demon Souls you will like Dark Souls. So have fun and play well.

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