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Joseph Visscher 10-01-2011 11:58 PM

Tutorial 1: Editor Keyboard shortcuts and Editor.config
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Thought I'd make a quick tutorial about the editor shortcuts to help mappers map faster. This will not at all cover any of the tools in the editor, just Controls.

In your main directory you will see a Editor.config, this file holds all the shortcut keys for the editor controls on the keyboard and mouse, you can edit them to your liking. I will give you the controls that I personally use and prefer, you can edit them how you like.

This short tutorial will assume you replace the existing Editor.config with the one attached

Basic Camera Controls:

Right Click on terrain and move mouse in any direction - pans the camera around.
W S D A - pans camera, I don't really use this, instead I use right click to grab the ground.

Mouse Scroll - zoom in and out
Arrow Up or Down - zoom in or out
Z and X keys - Zoom in or out.

Middle mouse button (or for most press mouse wheel pressed down) then move mouse to left or right - Rotates camera
Hold Ctrl then hold left click then move mouse up or down - Rotates camera
Ctrl+Shift+MouseWheel - Rotates Camera slowly.


Esc Key - Clears any selection or active tools.

While "Add Unit" Object Creation tool is open and just before placing an object:
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel - Allows rotation of Objects before they are placed.
Alt + Mouse Wheel - Allows Hover or elevation change of objects before they are placed.
Shift + Mouse Wheel - Allows Scale of objects before they are placed.

value is the amount of Undo's to record.

Important thing to notice Not all Objects are revealed inside a game, they are hidden. to reveal them ALL in editor to go View>Show Hidden Objects This will allow you to view things you will not see ingame such as collision walls that block units for cliffs and such.

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