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Danny Vink 09-28-2011 09:53 PM

Balancing Issues - Overpowered Units, Overall Balance, Building & Unit Prices e.t.c
Please report any large balance issues here. Including but not limited to direct comparisons between unit prices and relative effectiveness ie; unit A costing more but being weaker in every way than unit B. This is just to get rid of any glaring issues you might run across for now.

Please provide specific numbers and relations that quantify the issue rather than 'I feel something is too strong/weak'.

Valkyrie 10-01-2011 09:25 AM


you buy them for 90gold/each in a small city.
lvl them cheap to lvl 5, had a faceoff with another player he had like 30 squads knights and 30 archers

my 50 macemen and 10 orc archers made him to dust without any sufficant loss... lost max 5-8 squads

tried a few more time and my macemen have owned everything expt an army of 60 orges this far

GPS51 10-01-2011 10:08 PM

Well I just fought 10 elven mounted GM's at lvl 7 all. Fully upgraded from their HC as well. I had 2 swords men (lvl5)/1 macemen lvl 5/1 ogre lvl 10/1 dwarven riflemen unit lvl 7/ and 1 archer unit lvl 3...not surprisingly he owned me. I know I had no spears in my army BUT his army strength shouldn't have found mine to begin with as I had no upgrades purchased and all his troops outrank/match mine. Also I'd point out my riflemen struggled to kill 1 elven horsemen out of a 10 man unit and each riflemen had 1024 attack... er something I'm missing? This was at point blank range btw. Thanks :) and gg Ark!

andreicde 10-01-2011 10:30 PM

At first I was excited to be first on the server to have capped hero,but now I realize he's kinda useless. As a lvl 30,he takes 75 strength, yet he has lower stats than a mounted grandmaster and is weaker in basically every way. He has a damage of 994 which is superior to this unit,yet he has an insanely slow attack rating,much lower defense than many units,higher hp than a mounted GG but since there are more in formation it becomes lower. Also a mounted GG is 23 while the hero which is basically trash compared with this unit at 75. Hero boost please? Ty and ty GPS, sorry you ended up as the target.

Gongora 10-02-2011 09:59 AM

Do siege units require more then 1 stone to fire, as I had 500 stone and 10 siege units, and ran out after about 10 shots with all 10 so that would have used 100...I dont think having them require more than one is a good idea. There are not OP at the very least, had 20 of them fire at a close group that was very large and barley killed anything>_>

GPS51 10-02-2011 11:47 AM

Well the dwarven cannons use 20 shot each for 1 shot.

andreicde 10-04-2011 07:50 PM

Ok so I have a lvl 6 royal dragon from store and I didn't even had to use my code, and right now honestly I find it kinda bad for 30 units.Right now having dwarf rifleman seems like a better idea than dragon because he is simply TOO weak in defense. I saw 2 lvl 1 cavaliers formations with 140 damage damaging my dragon quite decent and that was 140 damage units. What if it was 6-7 formations lvl 7-8 instead?my dragon would have died in a matter of seconds. Right now the dragon's

What I suggest is an overall improvement for the royal dragon. When he levels he only gains 50 or 100 hp which is basically nothing. Also another issue related to dragon leveling is the fact his dragon fire skill doesn't adds kill and his aoe attack counts as 1 kill even if 4-5 units died. What I suggest for a dragon is an overall defense improvement. I checked his defense and he's horrible. his big 280 def comes from 255 fire defense and rest being melee and range def. I know he's not supposed to be overpowered but he isn't supposed to be weak neither

Neinth 12-21-2011 07:30 AM

Enchanters-if done on set up can pop out ones with over 200 dmg each,in wind stance over 400

By using the bonus's for alpines and the bonus from archmage toghether,not sure if forest wariors affect or not.

Neinth 12-27-2011 04:42 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Some units no longer showing info when you select them,all npc's,attachment is a cropped screen shot of an example,see with rangers,archers,pheasants so far,every time their the single instance of the unit instead of a full sqaud of them.

Unicorns can put points into foritude,but those points are not registed,so stays to 0% but points are lost.str and agility work correctly though.

Ice dragons have 3% base crushing resistance,seemed an odd number since most are in multiples of 5,figured i;d mention it see if its intended or not.

Deer in elven cities are invulnerable unless your being attacked,can grab some marauders and have them harvest food,and level them that way without ever fighting them in an army,I got a set up to lvl 16 without ever actually using them.But if your city comes under seige,deer are no longer superdoe,killed all my poor deer in one volley from the marauders,good laugh.

Alchemy buildings are drainign stone like they have a fetish,each research on them says Stone/gold preservation saves food,which makes no sense,and the numbers per minute become way off when using alchemy,if you stay logged on long enough,will say like 5000 per minute,though you dont actually receive it.<---not sure this is a balancing issue,also its possible walls saying their building even after their all finished may be drainign the stone,but this has only Happened when using alchemy labs for me

Neinth 12-27-2011 05:27 PM

2 Attachment(s)
This covers two bugs attachment hpbug shows grandmaster with more hitpoints than they should have,have seen this with hero's dragons,live stock,various units.

And hpbug1 shows dragon and hero with the hp bug,but also shows a lvl 19 dragon with maxed stats across the board,and plenty of skill points left over.Hero also has a good 20 extra skill points he shouldnt have right now i think,much harder to tell with him.But I got the 20 last extra on hero last night out of nowhere,dragon gets his levels worth on relog.Even have some grandmasters that have 1 extra point somehow.

I am not only one with the beefcake dragon,and its not only ice's doing this.Pretty sure theres plenty of hero's out there sporting 20-30 extra skill points as well,when you get them on a human hero he tends to reset or bug somehow to lvl 1 not soon after.The elf one doesnt seem to do this,but every now and then he will "forget" you spent his points,and just ahve to redistribute,then not long after he gains an extra 20.


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