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Ohnotord 09-25-2011 11:41 PM

One of the things that I would really like to see in this game is the implementation of hotkeys. I find myself constantly frustrated when repeatedly pressing "q" on my keyboard fails to open the quest panel.

Also, it would nice to have hotkeys for things such as changing troop formations and stances, or for centering the camera on the selected troops.

Perhaps there could even be a hotkey to cycle between units being attacked. There definitely should be one to locate idle workers.

Valkyrie 10-01-2011 04:40 PM

yes hotkeys plz... atleast give me one so i can attack move without clicking that damn button :)

Wynn 06-04-2013 03:02 AM

BUMP. Hotkeys and assignable keybindings are a mainstay of games these days. The ability to press a key, or combination of keys to perform a GUI menu action should be high on the to-do list (after fixing bugs but before working on new DLC).

There are a couple of text files in the Steamlibrary\SteamApps\Common\Dawn of Fantasy\Setting folder that contain the existing keybindings. You can either modify those or use something like AutoHotKey. I created a script for AHK that remaps w,s,a,d to up,dn, left, right arrow keys as I prefer to use arrow keys to pan around the map instead of rotate and zoom in and out (I use the mouse to rotate and zoom). It also remaps Numpad 1-9 to normal 1-9 so when I have units assigned to control groups I can just hit the number on the numpad instead of the numbers above the QWERTY keys. The AHK script also disables the right WINDOWS key so pressing it doesn't minimize the game and bring up the START menu. Here's what mine looks like in case you are interested in something similar. The following is entered in a text file named DoFKW keymap.ahk that you can create with notepad. AHK has a sample file that already includes the stuff at the top so you don't have to type that in. *EDIT* You can easily copy the text from here and paste it into your own text file. I don't work for AHK but use the utility in several games including Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. END EDIT* The key remapping is at the bottom and follows the convention key1::key2 where pressing key1 will output key2. RWin:: simply returns a null value so when you press the key it doesn't do anything. Its freeware and has a good help file that includes a lot more information.

; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x
; Language: English
; Platform: Win9x/NT
; Author: A.N.Other <>
; Script Function:
; Template script (you can customize this template by editing "ShellNew\Template.ahk" in your Windows folder)

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.


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