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Konstantin Fomenko 09-15-2011 03:35 PM

Scenario Design - Introduction
The latest Dawn of Fantasy beta patch introduces more than just performance fixes to Reverie World Studios’ flagship MMORTS title. The developers have given beta testers early access to the game’s esteemed Scenario Design Editor. The Dawn of Fantasy Editor is an incredibly powerful tool that will ship with the game come September 30th, allowing fan designers to craft their own playable scenarios with all the power of the Lua scripting language. This scenario design editor is the very same tool that the developers used to create all of Dawn of Fantasy’s maps, including the 3D World Map, showing that there is no limit to creativity with this incredible utility.

Featuring an easy-to-use intuitive interface and a number of new tools and customizability, the Dawn of Fantasy Scenario Design Editor revolutionizes the design process. This editor enables designers to create their own lush environments and put their imaginations to the test with the ability to craft fully-usable custom walls, stairs, bridges, and towers using the advanced rotation and hover tools in combination with the editable walk-meshes, to design free-flowing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes, to contrive fully-customizable particle effects, to blend layered terrain paints to fit any need, and to create and save design templates that can be loaded into any map.

In addition, the beta now includes a Modding Kit to kick-start fan scenarios and game modifications. This kit includes a detailed guide to level design with images to guide the new designer every step of the way, as well as a guide to scripting and cinematography with Lua script samples to teach the new scripter how to set up his or her first triggers and a simple cinematic to create the start of a playable scenario. And finally, the kit will feature a number of sample scenarios that complement the guides, showing advanced level design and scripts in action.

Reverie World Studios also has plans to support the design community with a new forum dedicated to scenario design, and plans for a town-design contest in the works that will give designers a chance to see their creations in Dawn of Fantasy’s premier Online Kingdom mode!

With the unlimited power of the Dawn of Fantasy Scenario Design Editor at your fingertips, what will you create?

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