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Alex Walz 08-12-2011 05:04 PM

Fantasy Friday - The Nine Playable Regions
Fantasy Friday
The Nine Playable Realms

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today we will be returning to the nine playable regions to show them off in their finished state - with several new screenshots and new exerpts of DOF's vast lore, of course!

Players can build up their homeland in each of these nine regions, and can explore randomize terrains and talk to the locals, as well as enter local NPC strongholds for siege or trade! So check them all out, and let us know what you think and which one you're claim for your empire come this September!

Happy exploring!

Regions of Teria


Rollingplain is one of the older provinces of Teria. Thorndale stronghold dominates this flat, meadow-rich, wide-open landscape. Throughout the ages its people have been unshakably allied to the King of Dagbor, and often this has placed them at odds with the rebellious Menthorns. This ancient enmity is the source of one of their oldest traditions – Menthorn Soap Day, a yearly event which symbolizes the ongoing struggle against the slippery Menthorns.

The Wold

To understand the people of the Wold, one must first appreciate their tumultuous history. In the Older Time, Menthorn was the first great stronghold of human civilization, and the pride of the Wold. The city of Dagbor arose in Southmont shortly after, and a great rivalry began. An era of double-dealing and back-stabbing ensued, during which power, gold and land were snatched back and forth between the lords of Dagbor and Menthorn. Feuds began, enemies were made, and ultimately Dagbor laid claim to the crown. This situation has never sat well with Menthorns.


Southmontians are mountain people, known for their fiery disposition – in Teria the oft used phrase is “tempers big as boars.” Lord Allposs of Raebor is famed for chopping off his hand in anger, following poor performance in a game of darts. In later fits of rage, when jibed “wilst thou remove that had also?” he replied “Gladly, but pray show me how to wield an axe with mine teeth.” It is well known that Southmontians rarely apologize, believing it a crime of great weakness. This goes some way to explaining their undying feud with the Wold.

Regions of Nhob'ru


The elven race originated in Bolfores’l. Blossoming from here, they developed both the high arts of civilization and the deep skills of nature lore. In time, elves of each type formed separate communities. So it was that they developed into two distinct groups: the wood elves, who are most gifted in nature lore and earth magic, and the high elves who are masters of alchemy, city building, and traditional warfare. Both groups still live together in the capital city of Illas Tiltos, where elf culture its at its richest, and the air hums with the dancing energies of nature and intellect.


Talltos is a rugged mountainous region in southeast Nhob’ru, overlooking the orcish frontier. The rigorous life in these alpine lands has been very suitable to the high elves who dwell here. Perhaps there is a correlation between the heights of the mountain peaks and the intellectual levels which the elves have reached. It is widely believed that the high elves of Talltos look down on all other beings in more ways than one. Here in Talltos is the high elf city of Gelmeerim, home to the largest library in the world. Sadly, access to this library is very exclusive.

Erthee L'Bala

As wood elves and high elves evolved and became separate peoples, wood elves began to realize a need for a different way of life, uncluttered by high elf thoughts and doings. In the great migration of the Older Time, the vast majority of wood elves journeyed south from Bolfores'l to the swamps of Erthee l'Bala, which presented an ideal haven. Here in this unwanted land, they were free to pursue the deepening of nature lore and nature magic. Here they were content, and so they built the major city of Serepha Moota.

Regions of Gokkholm

Flattan Rol

According to orc lore, the first orcs were created every time lightning struck the ground. This is how, in the Older Time, the first orc ancestors arrived in the region Flattan Rol, and from them were descended the entire orc race. To this day, they live by the ethos of warriors born from lightning and earth. Flattan Rol is still considered to be the original orc homeland, and the great fortress here is named Makkada, which means “Mother Womb.” The sight of this fortress has terrified many. As the humans say in Teria: “If thy nightmares had nightmares...”

Thikken Dal

Eons ago, in the Older Time, a small band of orcs pushed as far west from Makkada as they dared, ever wary of the wrath of dragons. There, in the west, they found an uninhabited forest - or at least, if it was inhabited, they soon corrected the situation. They dubbed the region Thikken Dal, and they became the first of the forest orcs. Some say their skin has changed color as they have become rooted in their arboreal surroundings, though it is more likely that Thikken Dal orcs are simply dirtier than others.


According to legend, a disgraced orc warrior in the Older Time was exiled from Flattan Rol, but allowed to choose the inhabited land in which he would spend the rest of his life. In pride and defiance, he chose the most brutal wasteland known to his people: Brakental, the desert of the south. The Gods approved of his decision, for upon his arrival there was a flash of lightning. Where it struck the earth, his mate emerged from the smoking sand. It is from these two ferocious souls that the orcs of Brakental trace their lineage.

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