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SpriteStomper 06-13-2011 07:43 PM

Online Kingdom Account
I've downloaded the beta version of D.o.F and it plays well smooth no lag and explored the various selections - Beautiful and Realistic Artwork, nice interface, it looks great.

I noticed that as per usual the forum reg wasn't sufficient so filled in the details for the Online Mode and it keeps returning - " invalid email format". Double checked, re-typed carefully, tried different account but the same little window pops up. Is Online Kindom mode active at the moment, or is it just Kingdom Wars and SP Skirmish.

It might help if a little explanation Sticky could be posted as to what is and is not working in the game at the moment.

It might be an idea to write a brief scenario as what to do and in what order (seeing as there's no manual as yet) because unless players have experience of playing Total War they are going to be somewhat stumped coming into this fresh

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