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Gauntlet34 06-11-2011 08:56 PM

My Random Questions
OK. I am diving into this as best I can, so forgive me if these are obvious or are answered somewhere else.
1) Are there different level modes to play (easy, medium, hard)?
2) Is war forced upon you within a certain time limit or do you have a lot of time to build up your castle?
3) Are you confined to a predetermined area or can you expand your "walls" to cover more area for example?
4) Is there an element where you could actually get other factions? of the game to work for you? In other words, if the treepeople (I forgot what you called them in the video) where attacking me, could I convert or have my own treepeople as well?
5) This is probably a silly one, but is there an option of online multiplayer or offline vs. computer?
6) Is there a built in tutorial?
7) Can you team up with one or a small group, have our own cities and try to conquer together from different angles?

I hope I get some conversation going because I am sure I will have some more questions as the conversation develops.

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